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Tom Hardy goes Mad Max on fleeing thief in London

April 24, 2017

Tom Hardy grabs moped thief after chasing him through gardens and building site then proudly announcing ‘I caught the c***!’
SCREEN tough guy Tom Hardy nabbed a thief after a Hollywood-style chase in the street.

Fox in the condemned house

April 24, 2017

With the emergence of Rupert Murdoch’s politically progressive son, James, in the leadership of his media empire and the unceremonious exits from Fox News of CEO Roger Ailes and now flagship anchor Bill O’Reilly, the cable-news powerhouse’s niche as an alternative to the left-leaning CNN, MSNBC and broadcast networks is suddenly in question.

ANTIFA: George Soros Brownshirts for the Global Elite – VIDEO

April 24, 2017

Our friend Michael DePinto has produced a short video on the group known as “Antifa.” America is quickly being turned into hell, just like the Bible tells us because we have rejected God and His law. While I am for standing against the lawless and the organized Marxists, Muslims and sodomites that seek to overthrow the law, we will not do it adequately until we repent for our own lawlessness against a holy God. With that said, understand that these people rising up in this manner is a sign of God’s judgment upon our nation (See Deuteronomy 28).

Democrats created the Clinton Monster and now they are stuck with it

April 24, 2017

Since losing the most winnable presidential election in modern American history, Hillary Clinton has, among other things: given a series of high-profile speeches, joined Gov. Cuomo at his public unveiling of tuition-free college, refused to rule out a run for mayor of New York and issued an online video message exhorting fellow Democrats to fight on in her name.

Kate Upton of photos – Part THREE of FOUR

April 24, 2017

Kate Upton erotic breasts and nipples photos