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Mainstream Media watching their Russia election-meddling narrative teeter on the brink of collapse

April 3, 2017

The Mainstream media are watching their Russia election-meddling narrative teeter on the brink of collapse. They’re holding their collective breath hoping it doesn’t topple over, like the world’s highest stakes game of Jenga

Dr. Phil exposes Global Elite pedophile network – VIDEO

April 3, 2017

. . . .

Democrat Party less a political organization than a disorganized crime ring

April 3, 2017

If you’re stressed out about this whole Russian nonsense, relax – Donald Trump didn’t do anything wrong, and he’s not going be impeached, arrested, or ritually disemboweled. When the truth comes out and it explodes in the Democrats’ soft, girlish hands, we’ll all be laughing and toasting their humiliation with Stoli shots.

Barbie boots Amy: Did Schumer calling Trump voters KKK members hurt her perceived box office clout?

April 3, 2017

Amy Schumer’s exit from the Barbie movie demands the kind of follow up questions reporters should ask. So why won’t they?

Bella Hadid wears black thong bikini

April 3, 2017

She always seems to be in her bikini while relaxing at the beach.

And Saturday was no different for Bella Hadid.

The 20-year-old showed off her toned physique and pert derriere in a barely-there two-piece while celebrating her friend’s birthday in Mexico.