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Happy Birthday: 22moon.com is 9 years old

February 12, 2017

rashmanly.com is nine years old – Happy Birthday

‘Dear White People’ – Divide and Conquer propaganda to keep the peasants from uniting against Globalist totalitarism

February 12, 2017

The trailer for a controversial new Netflix programme has sparked a fierce race row – losing the entertainment company numerous customers in the process.

More than 250,000 ‘dislikes’ were registered for the Dear White People preview on Friday, just 24 hours after it was officially uploaded to YouTube.

But the true scale of the discontent could be much higher after claims the online broadcaster deleted both a million views and 100,000 accompanying negative comments.

Professor Darrell Hamamoto: Mind controlled Left scheme to destroy freedom of speech – VIDEOS

February 12, 2017

Alex Jones talks with University of California Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto about the UC Berkeley riots and how it’s all part of the leftist plan to destroy your freedom of speech.

New Facebook feature ‘Discover People’ super for Stalkers

February 12, 2017

Facebook has started rolling out a new feature called Discover People, which is designed to help users meet new people on the social network.

The feature appears to be a cross between LinkedIn and Tinder, allowing you to browse through profiles of people living in your town or who work at your company.

You can also view lists of people who are members of groups you belong to, or who have signed up for events that you are planning to attend but are not already connected to

Valentine’s Day Etiquette Guru reveals rules

February 12, 2017

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

And as a result, many lovers are scrambling to organise the perfect date and find a gift for their significant other.

To avoid any awkward moments or inappropriate gift choices, Founder of the Sydney School of Protocol, Julie Lamberg-Burnet has revealed her top etiquette tips for the big day.