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CNN’s planned attack on Trump at press conference backfires

January 11, 2017

NEW YORK CITY, New York — At Trump Tower on Wednesday morning, President-elect Donald J. Trump lambasted the media—forcing a backfire of the industry’s planned efforts to trip him up just hours before his first press conference since last summer.

Moving Doll scares little girl – VIDEO

January 11, 2017

THIS terrifying footage captured on home security cameras is said to reveal the presence of ghost that is terrorising a young girl.

It shows a doll’s head moving on its own while objects on a living room table are blown to the floor before the table moves and the room starts shaking.

YellowWaterGate: CIA spreading Fake News

January 11, 2017

X Infamous “golden showers” scene in the unverified 35-page dossier –
There is literally no evidence on offer in these memos or from BuzzFeed
that any single sentence in these documents is factual or true

Clock Kid loses in court – ISLAMOPHOBIA ALERT!

January 11, 2017

A district court judge in Texas has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by Ahmed Mohamed on his own behalf and on behalf of his 15-year-old son, Ahmed Mohamed. They had sued Fox News, Glenn Beck, and the mayor of Irving — among others — for defamation in September of 2016.

Lea Michele dazzles in a shimmering gown at Golden Globe after-parties – Part TWO of THREE

January 11, 2017

Lea Michele erotic sexy photo gallery – GIFs – VIDEOS