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Ben Affleck wants Jennifer Garner back

May 11, 2016

Jennifer Garner has looked to be in excellent spirits as she spends time with estranged husband Ben Affleck in Europe. The Oscar winner is overseas to shoot Justice League Part One in London in the coming months.

And it appears as if things could turn romantic for the stars that split in July 2015 after claims he cheated with their nanny.

On Wednesday People reported the Batman v Superman star wants to keep their marriage going. ‘He wants her back,’ a source told the publication.

Facebook far more damaging than the NSA

May 11, 2016

True enough, but the NSA is looking for terrorists and, unless I’m missing something, hasn’t come after anyone who isn’t one, at least not yet. Still, the agency is something to be concerned about, though somewhat less, I would imagine, than a repeat of San Bernardino, or Paris, or Brussels, etc., etc.

But if you’re looking for something to really worry about, how about an equally large computer-based organization with the genuine power to invade our privacy, warp our minds and distort our culture that is actually in the process of doing it — Facebook?

In a media world where print journalism is disappearing and young (and many older) people gather the vast percentage of their information online, its dominance is overwhelming and its effect pernicious, maybe poisonous.

“The Elite of the United States is now prepared to retain power at all costs”

May 11, 2016

“I think that the world community in the face of political elite of the Western civilization will not pay any attention to this matter. They will pay no mind to representatives of the peoples of Western countries, who may pay attention to it. They will act as if nothing has happened. The elite of the United States is now prepared to retain power at all costs, to ensure control over the world’s resources. They will stop at nothing. The American elite acts like Hitler. It was Hitler’s elite that approved Gestapo tortures. Today, the American elite approves the tortures that surpass the cruelty of Gestapo.

“If there’s a need to use nuclear weapons to intimidate someone, if there’s a need to kill a few million people, they will do it. The only obstacle that prevents them from using nuclear weapons is the Russian nuclear potential.

Queen Hillary’s coronation receives Bern Notice from Sanders

May 11, 2016

Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton must be boiling mad under that billowing pantsuit, because Sen. Bernie Sanders refuses to step aside and let her lock up the party’s nomination.

In fact, Sanders dealt her another stinging loss in West Virginia’s Democratic Party primary Tuesday.

The state represents Clinton’s third straight loss, and her 20th loss to Sanders.

One in three Democrat voters in West Virginia said they’d vote for GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump over Hillary, according to Fox News’ exit polls.

Fox News’ Brit Hume said, “This night, in more than one respect, is all about [Hillary’s] weakness as a candidate.”

Clinton entered the Tuesday primaries with 2,228 delegates to Sanders’ 1,454. She needs 155 more to claim the Democratic Party nomination.

Melanie Sykes flaunts amazing abs – Part TWO of THREE

May 11, 2016

She makes sure to keep her figure in fantastic shape.

And Melanie Sykes treated her followers to an insight into her workout regime this week, sharing snaps of her hard-earned muscle definition on her Instagram account.

The 45-year-old presenter flaunted her chiseled abs in a pink sports bra, putting on a flirty display as she reclined on her bed while showcasing her toned figure in all its glory.

Open Borders invite diseases

May 11, 2016

The first reported case of a person with measles in the recent Memphis outbreak, which now numbers seven confirmed cases, was at a local mosque on April 15, according to the Shelby County Health Department.

Facebook minions luv them some Hillary

May 11, 2016

The tally only reflects itemized contributions, so it is not a perfect reflection of the number of Facebook employees who donated. Candidates are not required to give information about contributions less than $200. For example, Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders has raised more than $182 million, but only about $66 million of those donations include information about the people who donated.