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Beyoncé pushing SorosMoneyMatters (also known as BlackLivesMatter) – VIDEOS

February 7, 2016

On the eve of her Super Bowl 50 half time show performance, Beyonce released a politically-charged video, “Formation,” featuring scenes set in the devastated and flooded urban areas of New Orleans and the plush halls of some Louisiana mansions.

Democratic Party targets Sanders with Bern Notice

February 7, 2016

The Sanders’ dynamic playing out within the Democrat Party is in fact a far greater and more important story than the Donald Trump vs GOP Establishment meme that the Mainstream Media has put on a repeating loop for the last several months. As combative and boisterous as Trump can be, his views represent a significant wing of BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties and are ultimately, a newly emerged America first sentiment that appeals to millions of voters.

USA heroin epidemic is Mexico’s fault – Thanks Obama!

February 7, 2016

The National Border Patrol Council reported on its weekly podcast that Border Patrol agents testified before Congress about being ordered to not only release illegal immigrants who have crossed the border, but to also release illegal aliens who have committed previous crimes in this country

The Myth of Dyslexia

February 7, 2016

Thus, you can see how easy it is to cause dyslexia. Simply have your child memorize a sight vocabulary and develop a holistic reflex. That’s all there is to it. That professors of education have perfected the process indicates that they know how it works and what its results in. That is why parents are never warned about teaching their children sight vocabularies. It’s a vital part of the dumbing down process that underlies curriculum development in our education system and is supported by professional associations, journals, publishers, federal programs and funding, and the establishment as a whole.

Outing Marco Rubio

February 7, 2016

Miller recounted one story in particular about Rubio’s treatment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) union president Chris Crane, who represents thousands of ICE officers. At the time, Crane slammed Rubio for having “directly misled law enforcement.” In his Congressional testimony, Crane said, “Never before have I seen such contempt for law enforcement officers as what I’ve seen from the Gang of Eight.”

‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ – Best SNL sketch in years – VIDEO

February 7, 2016

Bern Your Enthusiasm – SNL