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Trump gets a bump after Sarah Palin endorsement

January 24, 2016

On January 19th, polling for Reuters was at 33% for Trump with Cruz at 16%. Bush is actually starting to surge a few points also. Then came Sarah Plain, who pundits said would hurt the prospective candidate with what many called a dribbling diatribe of nonsense. Well, it looks like not all did and that it is hitting Cruz where it hurts.

4 days after the announcement, Trump has jumped almost 8 points with Cruz dropping 7 as well as Bush dropping a few points. This is a clear message that there were Cruz supporters who have now jumped as well as it would seem maybe some ‘establishment’ conservatives who understand and are coming around to the fact that Trump is the best choice for the GOP.

Secret scheme of the N.W.O. – Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

January 24, 2016

Illegal Muslim refugee trafficking is now creating chaos at the Greece-Macedonia border and the constant flood of boats arriving from Libya reveal a network that uses structured routes that seem unstoppable as they generate money for the mafia and the terrorist organizations involved like ISIS.

Frau Merkel another tool of the N.W.O. Elite

January 24, 2016

Obama isn’t the only elite messiah who favors national suicide for past sins, though he is certainly the blindest, most self-righteous and willfully destructive one in American history.

Then there is Frau Angela Merkel — the Chancellor and Chief Guilt-Tripper of Germany. Frau Merkel shares Obama’s fantasy world, where only the Good People rule and the rest follow orders. The EU even has a slogan for it: it’s called the “democracy deficit” — meaning that ordinary voters have no power whatsoever. Yes, the EU is spreading love and peace all over, but — shucks — there’s still a ways to go.

Globalist Elite vs. Everyone Else

January 24, 2016

UNITED NATIONS – The real division in America is not between left and right, or between Democrats and Republicans. The real division is between the elite and everyone else.

Elites control both parties, major media, academia, finance and multinational mega-corporations that feed at the trough of big government.

X-Files reboot – The Truth Is In There

January 24, 2016

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Establishment Republicans at war with any who threaten the status quo

January 24, 2016

Online, however, in the Republican camp there’s a soft civil war going on in preparation, I suppose, for the upcoming Iowa primary. One wag whose name I’ve unfortunately forgotten indicated Iowa should get the first primary in the nation or ethanol subsidies, but not both. The point is well taken. With the exception of only Cruz to my knowledge, candidates desiring an early win and momentum promise to keep the subsidies going. (The Democrat caucuses in that state resemble nothing so much as the Zimbabwe farmers-workers meetings where in true Marxist style the layabout operatives who can stay at it longer win the game as everyone else goes home to work or tend to their family obligations.)

Cruz and Trump, the leading contenders on the Republican side, have their fierce defenders and detractors, though most people concede either would be preferable to the criminal serial liar or the aged Commie on the Democratic ticket. City Journal had to my way of thinking a really sound explanation for Trump’s popularity: