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P.C. Cry-Bullies Jihad against Free Speech – VIDEO

November 10, 2015

Instead of producing the next generation of intellectuals, these universities are churning out crazed cult members who have declared war on free speech.
Unless actual liberals stand up for the virtues of true intellectual tolerance and authentic, classical liberalism, the future for free speech in the west is doomed.

Mediocre team of football players now running University of Missouri

November 10, 2015

A mediocre team of subliterate football players is now running the University of Missouri. Maybe no one will notice the difference.

The takeover occurred over the last week, when members of the sub .500 football team joined black activists in demanding the university president resign. They insisted there was lots and lots of white racism on the campus — and the president’s white privilege made him blind to see it — or do anything about it.

X-Files fans theorize on the LA missile test

November 10, 2015

A bright, unidentified flying object soaring off the southern California coast this weekend triggered all sorts of speculation: Was it aliens? The end of the world?

“We’re calling the Police because you aren’t respecting us!”

November 10, 2015

Timothy Wolfe, the president of the University of Missouri system, resigned on Monday over perceived racial bias, but it did not appease students. Instead, they threatened the media and demanded a “safe space.”

“[I hope everyone will] use my resignation to heal and start talking again,” Wolfe said, the New York Times reported. His decision capped off more than a week of tense relations among his office and campus students and staffers.

Obamatrade bill weighs one hundred pounds

November 10, 2015

. . . .

Marco Rubio amigo de Border Jumpers

November 10, 2015

Rand Paul, whose poll numbers for president haven’t been as stellar as those in the libertarian camp might like, offered up a blunt reminder of his White House competitor, Marco Rubio, saying to voters via Breitbart News: Let’s not forget the senator from Florida joined with Democrats to push amnesty.

Chloe Goodman erotico stuzzicante fotografia collezione – Part TWO of SIX

November 10, 2015

She revealed that this year’s Celebrity Big Brother housemates threatened to walk out because of Perez Hilton.

But first-evicted star Chloe Goodman is now staging her protest from the outside after he got a lucky escape from Tuesday night’s eviction because it was cancelled for a second time.

The 21-year-old model hit the town in a ‘Get Perez Out!’ dress on Monday night after raging about his ‘manipulative’ and ‘bullying’ behaviour in the Channel 5 reality show.