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TRASHY MOVIE SATURDAY NIGHT CCV – Herschell Gordon Lewis; Oscar snubbed Godfather of Gore

November 7, 2015

‘The Gore Gore Girls’ – ‘Two Thousand Maniacs’ –
‘Blood Mania’ – ‘Blood Feast’ – ‘Blood Feast 2 All You Can Eat’
Herschell Gordon Lewis – born June 15th 1929 –
filmmaker best known for creating
the “Splatter” subgenre of horror films

In order to accommodate a growing population of religious minorities

November 7, 2015

In order to accommodate a growing population of religious minorities in America who engage in underage marriage, the children’s toy store chain will offer a wedding registry service. The decision comes after toy maker Mattel announced its decision to begin supplying head coverings with next year’s Barbie lineup.

Mythology for Millennials

November 7, 2015

Let’s take a step back and explain to children and the president of the United States that most of the truths they take for granted are completely false. For example …

Obama’s Keystone snake oil

November 7, 2015

Everybody knows the only reason why so many black people spend so much time in prison is because there are no jobs.

This is Article of Faith Number One among reporters and public officials and pundits who, on the one hand, deny black crime is a problem, then on the other, insist it is a problem that is all about jobs.

So every single one of these job-loving apologists must be livid that the president just said he was going to stop the construction of the Keystone pipeline.

Just think of the tens of thousands of jobs that those work-hungry prisoners are going to miss out on. They must be upset too.

And how often have we heard the president himself and his cronies drone on about jobs, jobs, jobs every time they talk about the incredible level of crime among black people.

All the time.

Ghostly face photo bombs woman’s selfie

November 7, 2015

A MUM has fled her home after a mysterious face appeared behind her in selfie – just weeks after undertakers claimed there was a body in her flat.

Natasha Boden, 26, was left in tears after seeing the image, and has now ended the tenancy at her two-bedroom flat.

The mum-of-one immediately checked into a hotel for the night and is now looking for somewhere else to live with her partner Mark Donohue and two-year-old daughter Dolly.

Please limit the personal baggage to one carry on, 007!

November 7, 2015

The lights fade. The James Bond Theme swells. A gun barrel searches for its target. A man in a tuxedo holding a Walther PPK steps into view. Shoots in a crouch. Blood drips. The James Bond Theme explodes. Bliss.

Unfortunately, that blissful feeling faded pretty quick into numbness with “Spectre.” Is it as bad as “Quantum of Solace,” which is by far the worst of the franchise? No. But it’s close.

Anna Konno 今野杏南 Gravure goodness – Part FIVE of FIVE

November 7, 2015

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