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Open borders activist stabbed in the back by migrant gang

October 16, 2015

A pro-migrant, open borders activist is reported to be “very sad” after being stabbed twice in the back by a gang of “Arabs” as he stood outside a pizzeria in Dresden, east Germany.


October 16, 2015


Black Eyed Ghost Children caught on video

October 16, 2015

A team of ghostbusters claims to have captured the Black-Eyed Child of Cannock Chase on camera – after spending six hours searching for paranormal activity.

After setting up its cameras, the team trawled through Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, in the hope of capturing a ghostly apparition on film.

And the group is now claiming it was successful in its quest, and have evidence which it say proves it.

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Tom Buckmaster, who captured the footage, said: “It looks like a child dressed in white – you can see the legs moving as it walks.

“I didn’t even know I had captured the ghost until I went over the footage and thought, ‘What the hell was that?'”

Cry-Bullies gas lighting all who don’t follow their agenda

October 16, 2015

Of all the cruel psychological tricks that humans play on one another, gaslighting is among the worst. The term was popularized in the 1944 film Gaslight, wherein Charles Boyer attempts to convince Ingrid Bergman that she is insane and actually didn’t witness the tail end of her aunt’s murder/robbery.

In the nasty filthy unethical Port-a-Potty that is modern political discourse, gaslighting is de rigueur. The waterboys of the status quo gleefully attempt to gaslight anyone who mentions uncomfortable facts or asks forbidden questions by calling them a paranoid, hateful, bigoted loon.

Obama creating Czar to hunt those scary Right Wing extremists

October 16, 2015

John Carlin, the assistant attorney general for national security, announced Wednesday that the Justice Department is creating the new position of domestic terrorism counsel to combat the “real and present threat” of domestic extremism.

Captain Propaganda kills off Captain America

October 16, 2015

Captain America started out by taking on Nazis and defending freedom, now, however, Marvel has him siding with Democrats in Washington and beating up on conservatives who quote the US Constitution

Ashley Graham erótico fotografía colección – Part ONE of TWO

October 16, 2015

Ashley Graham has built a very successful career, thanks in large part to her voluptuous figure and natural sex appeal. But now, the plus-size model is hitting out at the fashion and entertainment industries for automatically sexualizing curvier women.

Ashley, 27, spoke to Details magazine about the way girls with bodies like hers are typecast and pigeonholed into ‘sexy’ roles, creating a much narrower path for a curvy model or actress who wants to find success.

‘If you get an even curvier body, like mine, we’re automatically sexualized,’ she said. ‘If I was cast in a role in a movie, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would be the sexy girl, I would have a sex scene, I would probably have to show a little nipple. That would just be the case, because of the way my body is.’