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Fearful Feminists call LAPD to remove Gay journalist from their presence

October 5, 2015

Slut Walkers like to imagine that they’re continuing the tradition of radical student protests in the 1960s. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Students in the 1960s believed in free speech, and wanted to be exposed to challenging ideas. When Buffalo Springfield sang, “What a field day for the heat, a thousand people in the street,” I’m pretty sure they weren’t anticipating 250 mentally fragile feminists pulling gold iPhones out from God-knows-where to summon the patriarchy to make the nasty gay man go away.

The West has become suicidal

October 5, 2015

Vladimir Putin – the most isolated man in the world according to the Western press – has now many allies; including China, India, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Syria and so on. He is defeating the main ally of the West in Middle East, the vociferous and cruel tool named Isis, created and financed by the US, France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia (a typical neo-democracy) and some other hidden agencies worthy of William Blake. For we know the ‘dark satanic agencies’ have replaced in the West any political view or diplomatic agenda.

The US has been bombing ISIS for a year without, of course, threatening or striking any target. So some dark agencies could dedicate themselves to their old favourite sport: the human sacrifice.

Fluid filled Feminists fall for Troll Campaign

October 5, 2015

Feminists on Twitter have fallen for a troll campaign created by 4chan which encouraged women to post photos of themselves peeing their pants in the name of “equality” under the hashtag #PissForEquality.

“What if we somehow get Tumblr tards to publicly piss/shit their pants in the name of “Equality,” wrote one 4chan member on October 2nd.

Obama’s stealth war on legal gun owners continues

October 5, 2015

Often what we hear in the news is fragmented and must be pieced together in order to ascertain what is really going on behind the scenes and may be about to occur.

It’s easy to lose focus and miss what’s being said or not being said, as the case may be, because so many events are happening so quickly, one right after the other.

Last week’s events are a prime example of how important information about what our government may be doing, gets lost in the shuffle, because so many prominent events are grabbing the spotlight.

Matt Damon can’t escape the pull of LGBTQ Cry-Bully gravity

October 5, 2015

Matt Damon is an insufferable jerk. You know it. I know it. Rupert Everett most certainly does.
The Hollywood liberal (read: smug hypocrite) has interrupted the outer-space high surrounding Friday’s release of his Oscar-bait star turn, “The Martian,” to conduct a parallel “I’m Not a Homophobe” tour. But it’s only driving him deeper into the quicksand with LGBTQ types and those, like me, who couldn’t care less whom a performer loves. It’s 2015, Matt. Get over yourself!

Amy Childs kicks her boyfriend to the curb

October 5, 2015

She kicked her builder boyfriend out of the house they shared together after it emerged he’d been sexting another woman.

And as her relationship with Bradley Wright hit the rocks Amy Childs enjoyed a well-deserved spa break in Cape Verde.

The 25-year-old reality star showed off her gorgeous bikini body as she enjoyed a moment to herself in the luxury facility’s indoor pool recently.