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University of York Fetish Society members outed by errant email

September 29, 2015

Hundreds of students were left red-faced by an email blunder that saw the names released of all members of a fetish society.

Every member of the University of York Fetish Society had their name revealed by dozy staff who sent a mass email.

The kinky club, who claim not to hold orgies, runs a variety of BDSM-related activities for students at the top Yorkshire university, including classes on how to tie each other up for sex games.

But last week, the secretary accidentally revealed all the names of the student members in a mass email, before issuing a grovelling apology.

Avoid those trendy ‘Long Pig’ restaurants

September 29, 2015

Kuru is a neurodegenerative disorder that surfaced among the South Fore of New Guinea, and the dynamics of this disease have been explored by various scholars. Lindenbaum worked with the South Fore and studied the kuru disease. Zigas worked in New Guinea, and Gadjusek also traveled there in 1957 to study disease patterns in primitive and isolated populations (Gadjusek, 1996). Lindenbaum, Zigas, and Gadjusek were all crucial to explaining the marked, specific properties of kuru to the rest of the world.

The kuru epidemic reached its height in the 1960’s (Lindenbaum, 1979). Between 1957 and 1968, over 1,100 of the South Fore died from kuru (Lindenbaum, 1979). The vast majority of victims among the South Fore were women. In fact, eight times more women than men contracted the disease (Lindenbaum, 1979). It later affected small children and the elderly at a high rate as well. This is to be expected, since women were the prime participants in mortuary cannibalism (Lindenbaum, 1979). It is currently believed that kuru was transmitted among the South Fore through participation in such cannibalism. Upon the death of an individual, the maternal kin were in charge of the dismemberment of the corpse (Lindenbaum, 1979). The women would remove the arms and feet, strip the limbs of muscle, remove the brains, and cut open the chest in order to remove internal organs (Lindenbaum, 1979). Lindenbaum (1979) states that kuru victims were highly regarded as sources of food, because the layer of fat on victims who died quickly resembled pork. Women also were known to feed morsels such as human brains and various parts of organs to their children and the elderly (Lindenbaum, 1979).

Valdimir Putin to fight Islamists after Obama wimps out

September 29, 2015

Vladimir Putin – the most isolated man in the world according to the Western press – has now many allies; including China, India, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Syria and so on. He is defeating the main ally of the West in Middle East, the vociferous and cruel tool named Isis, created and financed by the US, France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia (a typical neo-democracy) and some other hidden agencies worthy of William Blake. For we know the ‘dark satanic agencies’ have replaced in the West any political view or diplomatic agenda.

The US has been bombing ISIS for a year without, of course, threatening or striking any target. So some dark agencies could dedicate themselves to their old favourite sport: the human sacrifice.

Islamism ‘World’s Most Dangerous Ideology’ in five minutes – VIDEO

September 29, 2015

Author Raymond Ibrahim says that Islamism is the “world’s most dangerous ideology,” explaining its similarities to past totalitarian systems like fascism and communism in a new video for Prager University.

Detailing his belief that fascism posed a global challenge in the first half of the 20th century and that communism dominated the second half of the century, Ibrahim said that radical Islam is the world’s most pressing contemporary problem.

“Islamism [is] a radical and often violent form of Islam,” he said, going on to draw specific parallels between radical Islam and the main threats that dominated the international scene throughout the 20th century. “Like fascism and communism, Islamism is totalitarian in nature. The state controls everything … Islamism is inherently expansionist.”

Ibrahim also said that many Islamists are “prepared to kill” those who disagree with their worldview, noting that they believe that Islamic law, known as Shariah law, should dominate as much of the world as possible.

“Islamism wants the entire world governed by Shariah,” he said, explaining that the U.S., Europe and Israel are seen as enemies by these extremists. “And anyone who opposes Islamist expansionism is the enemy and must be destroyed.”

The Revolution is finally underway

September 29, 2015

“You can almost see the circuits blowing.” – Neil Peart, in Far Cry

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it started, but with Speaker John Boehner’s resignation announcement, there’s no doubt the revolution has begun. Perhaps it was the first time you bookmarked the Drudge Report. Or maybe, when at the Drudge Report, you said: “Who is this Breitbart?” Eric Cantor’s primary loss to Dave Brat was certainly a moment when the revolution was stirring and produced tangible results rather than just internet narrative.

Regardless of when the revolution started, it’s clearly underway.

Monica Bellucci provocante erotico fotografia collezione – Part TWO of SIX

September 29, 2015

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci was born on
September 30th 1964 in the Italian village of Città di Castello – Umbria
Monica Bellucci erotico stuzzicante fotografia collezione