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Morena Baccarin to marry Detective Gordon

September 28, 2015

Gotham’s Morena Baccarin has revealed she plans to marry co-star Benjamin McKenzie .

According to reports, the actress will be tying the knot with Ben once she finalises her divorce from director Austin Chick.

TMZ claims to have got their hands on official legal documents in which Morena explains she is already planning on getting hitched again.

Don’t dare get salty with Pepper

September 28, 2015

They can educate, entertain and even help with banking queries and hotel check-ins, but as sexual partners, Japan’s new generation of android robots are off limits.

That is the somewhat bizarre warning issued by SoftBank, the firm that makes Pepper, perhaps the country’s best-known humanoid, which went on sale earlier this year.

In its user agreement, SoftBank states: “The policy owner must not perform any sexual act” on the robot or engage in “other indecent behaviour”.

Detroit man pumping gas uses his lighter to kill a scary spider – VIDEO

September 28, 2015

An awkward fire has taken place today at one of the petrol stations in Detroit.

The car owner came to fill up, when saw a small spider just on his car and got extremely frightened, as he admitted later.

However, instead of flicking away a small creature, the American set it on fire with a lighter. Thus, the fire spread from the car to dispenser pumps and threatened to develop into a conflagration.

Employe of the station Susan Adams, managed to switch the petrol and gas supply at once. Then she called the fire brigade.

However, apology for a driver succeeded in extinguishing the fire by himself before their arrival due to a fire-extinguisher in his boot.

Hillary Machine overdue for scrapyard

September 28, 2015

Some years ago, in an effort to avoid prosecution, Mafia boss Vincent “Vinnie the Chin” Gigante donned a bathrobe and wandered the streets of Little Italy and Greenwich Village posing as a demented old man. I wonder if Hillary Clinton is getting fitted for just such a bathrobe and starts wandering the lanes of Chappaqua in Westchester to avoid prosecution herself.

Mainstream Media covering up Clinton’s decades old War On Women

September 28, 2015

Long time political operative and strategist Roger Stone appeared on Breitbart News Sunday, broadcast on SiriusXM patriot radio channel 125, with Breitbart’s senior investigative political reporter Matt Boyle.

Stone who cut his political teeth working for Richard Nixon’s infamous Committee to Re-elect the President, later campaigned for Ronald Reagan, and until recently worked for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, shared a few nuggets from his new book The Clintons’ War on Women, which he co-wrote with Robert Morrow.

Stone told Boyle that Hillary Clinton promoting herself as an advocate for women and children is hypocrisy. The author reminded Breitbart News Sunday listeners that as recently as last week Hillary spoke about the rape issue and that raped victims should be believed.

“Unfortunately, this doesn’t match her own history,” Stone pointed out. “She has been an enabler of rape. She has been the person to enable the serial rape and sexual assaults by her husband Bill Clinton. Some of which are known publicly: Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey.”