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Not all Honor Killings committed by males

September 21, 2015

Females, like males, commit honor killings because the victim is perceived as too “Western” and “disobedient” or she has been accused of “sexual impropriety,” a new study found.

The study, titled “When Women Commit Honor Killings,” was conducted by best-selling author, lecturer, columnist and retired psychotherapist Dr. Phyllis Chesler.

It examines female-on-female violence related to honor killings, which Dr. Chesler argues “has been minimized because male-on-female violence is far more visible, dramatic, and epidemic.”

Calling President Obama a liar is a Macro-aggression by Commiephobes

September 21, 2015

During Obama’s tenure, he has told so many half-truths and untruths, as well as created so many straw men and fabricated so many issues, that it has been difficult to keep track of all of them. Nevertheless, here are some of the more recent, and more well-known, reasons why the man simply cannot be trusted:

Hero British SAS soldier kills six ISIS attackers

September 21, 2015

An SAS hero managed to single-handedly kill six Islamic State terrorists in Syria after being ambushed in a fierce fire fight.

The unnamed solider was operating in Syria while trying to smuggle a secret agent out of Syria, which is being ruled in large parts by ISIS monsters.

They were trying to get the agent across the border from Syria to Iraq.

However the British troops feared the worst when they were ambushed by 30 militants.

Commies fear Zombies

September 21, 2015

What does it say about the stability of the Chinese Communist government when it feels threatened by rumors of aliens, zombies, and time travellers?

Several people have been punished in the past few years for relaying tales of the walking undead and extraterrestrial invaders for fear of touching off public panic.

Ciara saucy snaps – Part ONE of SIX

September 21, 2015

She is hardly she shy and retiring type.

So it’s typical that Ciara put on a leggy display when she stepped out at London Fashion Week’s Topshop show on Sunday at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

The brunette beauty commanded attention as she attended the fashionista gathering, which welcomed some of the industry’s biggest names.