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Mainstream Media manipulation depends on Dumb Masses

September 20, 2015

There can be no doubt that Americans are fortunate enough to be governed by a brilliantly conceived Constitution drafted by remarkable, intelligent men. Unfortunately, too many Americans are utterly ignorant of what it contains and how it impacts on their lives. Voter ignorance on this and so much else contributes to the ease with which the media manipulates public opinion into believing things which are not so. In this they play into the hands of a childishly narcissistic president who despises the values upon which our country was based, a man who repeatedly pokes our allies and us in the eyes to show that he can deeply offend without penalty.

Who is killing the black Americans?

September 20, 2015

The important new book Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America, by Los Angeles Times homicide reporter Jill Leovy, is the hybrid of a true crime tale about the struggle of white LAPD detective John Skaggs to find the killer of the son of a black LAPD detective and a taboo-breaking scholarly analysis of America’s plague of black-on-black homicides.

Miley’s ‘accidental’ Nip Slip at the VMA awards was no accident

September 20, 2015

Miley Cyrus’s fleeting flesh flash at the VMAs was NOT a nip slip, swears a pal of the perky pop tart! Miley – who claims she “accidentally” dropped a drape covering her – purposely paraded one pink promontory for trademark titillation!

Marveled my source: “Miley’s a HUGE tease … and just loves showing off her assets! That little minx knew millions were watching and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to bust out!”

Miley’s most titillating revelation, to Jimmy Kimmel: “America’s actually fine with tits – it’s the nipple they don’t like!”

Man struck by lightning acquired temporary super powers

September 20, 2015

A man who survived being hit by lightning claims the ‘life-changing’ experience made him psychic and gave him the ability to ‘hear’ people’s thoughts.

A video of the terrifying moment Australian photographer Brian Skinner was hit by lightning has become an internet sensation, with almost 80,000 people viewing the awe-inspiring footage.

‘It was a very close call, it was probably within five metres of directly hitting me,’ the photographer, from Newcastle , north of Sydney, told Daily Mail Australia.

The incredibly lucky photographer’s partner Julia filmed the incident while he snapped photos of the storm at Stockton Breakwall on the NSW coast on November 30, 2014.

A fierce storm was looming overhead as Mr Skinner was adjusting his camera at the water’s edge, when suddenly there was an almighty crack and brilliant flash of light.

Clock Kid tool in Pro-Muslim propaganda campaign

September 20, 2015

Evidence suggests the recent incident involving a Muslim kid who took a “suitcase clock” mistaken for a bomb to class was a staged event to promote a pro-Islam agenda

Amorous author Jackie Collins dead at 77

September 20, 2015

Jackie Collins, the best-selling British-born author known for her vibrant novels about the extravagance and glamour of life in Hollywood, died on Saturday in Los Angeles. She was 77.

The cause was breast cancer, her family said in a statement.