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‘Keith Richards: Under the Influence’ – Netflix documentary trailer

September 13, 2015

“Life is a funny thing, you now,” says rock and roll icon Keith Richards in the trailer for his upcoming documentary. “Nobody wants to get old, but they don’t want to die young either.”

The legendary, hard-partying rock star, who turns 72 later this year, is the feature of the upcoming Netflix documentary Keith Richards: Under the Influence, which was helmed by Oscar winning director Morgan Neville.

“Under the Influence charts the life and times of rock’s original bad boy, looking back at his original jazz and blues inspirations as he plans his first solo album in 23 years,” according to Billboard.

Liberals must demand Klansman’s name be removed from highways – buildings

September 13, 2015

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Why do so many immigrants come to America only to bitch about it?

September 13, 2015

Why do so many immigrants come to America only to bitch about it?

Well, I mean, apart from the obvious answer, which is that conditions here are far better than they were in the hellholes they were fleeing, plus they get lots of free stuff and cuddles here.

What does it say about a person’s character that they move from a lousy country to come here, only to wind up endlessly wailing about how lousy this country is?

Robot Revolt no big deal compared to the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

September 13, 2015

Before I answer this question, let me give you a little background on where I’m coming from.
I’m by no means an expert, but I have some experience with robotics. My first job out of college was working on robots at NASA, and my undergraduate degree project was on robotic navigation. I spent my teenage years participating in FIRST Robotics, programming software bots to fight in virtual tournaments, and working on homemade underwater ROVs. And I’ve watched plenty of Robot Wars, BattleBots, and Killer Robots Robogames.
If all that experience has taught me anything, it’s that the robot revolution would end quickly, because the robots would all break down or get stuck against walls. Robots never, ever work right.