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Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady in alleged rough patch

September 2, 2015

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have been hit with more reports of marital strife, just a couple of days after the New England Patriots quarterback appeared in court for a Deflategate hearing.

According to Us Weekly, the 35-year-old supermodel recently consulted a divorce lawyer, but Tom, 38, is allegedly not taking her actions too seriously.

‘Tom thinks it’s only a threat,’ a source claimed to the magazine. ‘But this is definitely a rough patch.’ The insider added: ‘Things are very tense right now. This could be the end of them.’

Ranting Robophobics rampant Robophilia repugnant

September 2, 2015

AROUND 15 per cent of British men would consider a romantic relationship with a robot.

The chaps who’d be up for courting a bot believed they could have a “fulfilling, emotional relationship” with a lifelike machine.

However, the Sky News poll found only two per cent of women would date a droid.

Top academic Dr Helen Driscoll believes humans having sex with robots could be “the norm” in 50 years.

She claims advances in technology will change the way we interact with robots in the coming decades – and that virtual reality could soon “mimic and even improve” on sex with a human.

Dr Driscoll, an expert on the psychology of sex and relationships, said: “We tend to think about issues such as virtual reality and robotic sex within the context of current norms.

“But if we think back to the social norms about sex that existed just 100 years ago, it is obvious that they have changed rapidly and radically.

“Robophilia may be alien now, but could be normal in the near future as attitudes evolve with technology.”

The Sky News survey also found that many people fear robots could take over the planet, and 60 per cent said the government should stop androids replacing humans in the workplace.

ISIS running international Sex Slave market – Only Islamophobes notice

September 2, 2015

A Yazidi teenager has told of the day she was abducted by ISIS thugs who tortured her, abused her, chained her up in the blistering heat and forced her to drink water infested with mice.

Jinan, 18, who escaped the terror group’s clutches, also claims they are running an international sex slave market where Christian and Yazidi women are traded like ‘livestock’.

ISIS fighters abducted her when they stormed Yazidi villages in northern Iraq last year and held her prisoner in the terror group’s stronghold of Mosul.

She miraculously escaped three months later and has now written a book in which she tells of her ordeal in excruciating detail.

Jinan describes how the extremists regularly took drugs and how the best-looking girls at slave markets were reserved for ISIS commanders or wealthy ‘clients’ from Gulf nations.

Transgender Cry-Bully refuses to use private bathroom

September 2, 2015

About 150 Missouri high school students walked out on Monday over disagreements about which locker room a transgender student should be allowed to use.

Senior Lila Perry, who was born male but has identified as female since she was 13, asked school officials at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Missouri, to use the girls’ locker during gym class, but her request was met with fierce backlash from other students uncomfortable with the idea.

“Boys needs to have their own locker room. Girls need to have their own locker room and if somebody has mixed feelings where they are, they need to have their own also,” student Jeff Childs told KMOV-TV.

Retired Professor exposes rise of Left-Wing Totalitarianism on campus

September 2, 2015

I have two confessions to make.

First, I was a university professor from the late 1960s to the late 1990s. Over four-plus decades at the same institution, I went from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor to Full Professor. I enjoyed my career, most of the time.

I took early retirement for personal and professional reasons.

Subsequently, I was an adjunct professor at another university where a close family member is also employed. I retired from that post mostly for personal reasons. After nearly 40 years of teaching — I was a high school social studies teacher for two years before pursuing the Ph.D. — I no longer enjoyed teaching.

My second confession is that I’m glad I’m no longer in Academe. There are several reasons for this.

Red Hot Is The New Black – Part THREE of SIX

September 2, 2015

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