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Cross Bones Graveyard and The Winchester Geese

June 1, 2015

Redcross way was quiet, empty, and suddenly a bit eerie. I felt quite alone in this still stretch of lane that runs between two busy roads just south of the Thames.

A plaque told me that this was the site of the Crossbones Graveyard, from late medieval times an unconsecrated burial site for prostitutes – and later, paupers – until its closure in the 19th century on public-health grounds. The “shrine” around it honoured up to 15,000 bodies buried on the site, and was, I read, a “place of healing where the Wild Feminine is honoured and celebrated for all that she is – whore and virgin, mother and lover, maiden and crone, creator and destroyer”.

Masturdation: Solo fun not yet banned by Big Gov

June 1, 2015

I masturdated for the first time a couple of years ago.

The stigma of solo pleasure had stopped me from starting earlier.

Since starting though, it’s hard to stop.

And frankly why would you want to?


Masturdation is the subtle art of self-gratification. But not in the sexual sense of the word.

“Masturdating involves going to a restaurant alone, sitting at a table alone, and enjoying a meal alone, all the while knowing that other diners in your vicinity are looking at you, feeling sorry for you, and most likely coming to the conclusion that you’re a bit of a loser,” writes Patrick McAleenan, in The Telegraph, London.

“The scene can be redrawn for the cinema or, when you’re feeling really indulgent, the theatre – but the reactions are always the same.”

The reaction is that you’re weird and must be a Nigel, no friends.

Hiding the ‘Hate’ Facts

June 1, 2015

The real wake-up call in the book are the crime statistics. “You will spend more time trying to obtain basic crime stats about immigrants in America than trying to sign up for Obamacare” she writes. In the “Immigrants and Crime” chapter we learn the government has extensive data on the exact count of Samoans without battery-powered radios (2,651 in 2010) but very little on immigrants and crime. The data that is there gets skewed by conflating Hispanic with white and excluding cases such as children born to illegals and immigration detainees.

Dictator-In-Waiting Hillary would like to redefine Free Speech rights

June 1, 2015

Many conservatives were “shocked” by how quickly Clinton supporters turned to calling for violence towards those who voiced criticism of the Democratic presidential hopeful. Some comments went as far as demand that cartoonists who drew Hillary Clinton be imprisoned for blasphemy and executed, or else they should expect attacks on their offices.

Within minutes of the original Facebook post, Mrs. Clinton and her staff had to disable comments on her page due to the overwhelming enthusiasm of her supporters demanding arrests, public lashings, and executions of those who slander the name of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s opponents, who expressed their objections to the violent outbursts on her Facebook page, were bombarded with unending replies containing threats and insults, which implied that angered Hillary supporters knew their real names and where they lived.

In one example, an elderly woman from Louisiana who expressed her criticism of Hillary Clinton with a one-word comment, “Distrustful,” had Clinton supporters go to her Facebook page, retrieve names and photographs of the woman’s grandchildren, and use that information to threaten her with violence through personal messages.

Complaints about online violent threats and bullying in connection with a presidential candidate had Secret Service take down the names of Facebook users who were critical of Clinton. Some of them were contacted personally and had all their electronic equipment removed, while others were placed under close observation.

Following its own guidelines against online bullying and threatening comments, Facebook staff suspended online accounts of conservative users whose posts contained criticism of Hillary Clinton until the issue is fully investigated. The tentative completion date of the investigation was named as next Tuesday of November, 2016.

Imogen Thomas erotico stuzzicante fotografia collezione – Part ONE of SIX

June 1, 2015

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