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Hillary’s answers to questions leave more questions than answers

March 10, 2015

Bachmann called Clinton’s comments, “A liberal’s view on emails: If it’s government servers holding Lois Lerner’s emails, they can’t be found. If they are Hillary’s, they’re on a private server and we can forget about ever getting them. This is her Nixon moment. It is her 18 minute gap on the tape.”

Hillary Clinton “I can’t write anything down.”

March 10, 2015

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” in light of reports that while serving as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was exclusively emailing official State Department business using her private email account, network chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl reported about Hillary’s longstanding tendency to avoid legal requirements that featured a clip from a 1996 PBS interview.

When PBS host Jim Lehrer asked “Are you keeping a diary, you keep good notes of what’s happening?” then-first lady Hillary Clinton laughed as she answered, “Heavens no! It gets subpoenaed! I can’t write anything down.”

Was JFK murdered for threatening to expose Secret Societies?

March 10, 2015

President John F. Kennedy was Assassinated for Exposing Secret Societies in our Government and Attempting to rid America of the Federal Reserve.

President Kennedy WARNED us about the censorship of the Mainstream Media “MSM”, the corruption of Secret Societies lurking within our own government, and many other UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UN-AMERICAN issues that concerned him as President of the United States as a threat to our Republic.
In my opinion, this PUBLIC speech led to not only his murder, but to that of his brother Bobby who vowed to prosecute those that killed his brother, and caused the sell out of America by Ted Kennedy to the communist agenda, in exchange for his personal safety.

Police heard mysterious voice while saving baby trapped in a car

March 10, 2015

The story of an 18-month-old baby who miraculously survived after her mother’s vehicle veered off the road and landed upside down in a frigid Utah river has captured headlines in recent days, but there’s yet another mysterious element of the story that is gaining some attention.

When cops with the Spanish Fork Police Department in Spanish Fork, Utah, arrived at the scene on Saturday, they claim that they heard the voice of an adult woman pleading for help from inside the vehicle. Acting quickly, they headed into the water to help.

“The four of us heard a distinct voice coming from the car,” Officer Jared Warner told CNN. “To me, it didn’t sound like a child’s voice.”

Warner and his three fellow officers rushed to turn the car upright, but when they were able to see inside, they realized that 25-year-old Lynn Groesbeck had died, presumably hours earlier, due to injuries she sustained in the crash.

They then found her 18-month-old baby, Lily, unconscious, but alive, inside of her carseat

Jamie Chung 性愛的 性感的 彩色 佈置 – Part TWO of SIX

March 10, 2015

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