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Muslim at U. of Michigan victim of harassment by university Feminists

December 17, 2014

A political conservative and a practicing Muslim at the University of Michigan has become the victim of a campaign of harassment by university feminists who are upset at him for having written for a school newspaper a satirical article slamming political correctness and “trigger warnings.”
The student, Omar Mahmood, wrote the op-ed titled “Do The Left Thing,” a piece attacking the concept of “trigger warnings” and ridiculing the overly sensitive nature of minorities that see “white privilege” everywhere they look.

10 most paused movie moments

December 17, 2014

Another Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments

Kim Jong-Un has his panties in a wad over movie ‘The Interview’

December 17, 2014

The dominoes fell swiftly Tuesday. The group behind the massive Sony hacks released another cache of confidential information, threatening violence against movie theaters that dare play the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy The Interview. Soon both actors canceled the rest of their promotional appearances for the film, and Sony told theater chains that it “wouldn’t object” if they chose to drop the film due to safety concerns. Carmike Cinemas was the first company to take Sony up on its offer, with Landmark Theatres calling off the movie’s New York premiere hours later.

As an event, it’s unprecedented: a cyberattack has rocked a major corporation in the most public of ways, and is now dictating the release of a major motion picture in the United States. And yet the studio still has one card tucked in its back pocket.

Call it The Obama Rule

December 17, 2014

Call it The Obama Rule. When will our president do something he wants to do that the Constitution or morality prohibits? When he can get away with it.

Happy Hanukkah 2014 גליקלעך חנוכּה

December 17, 2014

A couple hundred years before the Maccabean revolt, a town in Judea called Bethulia was in great danger. King Nebuchadnezzar of the Babylonian Empire, sent one of his generals, Holofernes, to conquer and ultimately kill or convert the Jews there. Holofernes’ main tactic was having his thousands of soldiers make camp outside the walls of the city, preventing food and water and general activity from going in and out of the city.

After resisting and fighting back, the Jews of Bethulia were ready to give up hope, when one woman in the town, a widow, declared she had a plan to save them. That woman was Judith.

In the night, Judith and her handmaid snuck into Holofernes camp, pretending to surrender. Holofernes was immediately struck by Judith’s beauty and invited her into his tent, where no doubt he intended to seduce her. Instead, she fed him salty cheese and poured him wine. And then poured him more wine.

Thank goodness for Judith and her town that Holofernes was a lightweight, because shortly thereafter he fell into a deep sleep.

Mel B spicy hot photos – Part FOUR of SEVEN

December 17, 2014

Mel B contenu érotique du rêve la photos