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December 6, 2014

TRASHY MOVIE SATURDAY NIGHT – ‘The Head’ – ‘Terror Beneath The Sea’ – ‘Red Mist’ – ‘Clownhouse’

Hands: Not just video game controller holders

December 6, 2014

Oxford University researchers have discovered that crows can be right or left beaked – just like humans can be right or left handed.

A report published in the journal Current Biology reveals the birds show a preference for which side they hold sticks when using them to poke larvae out of holes.

Scientists believe the left or right bias is connected to their vision – and the clever crows try to keep the tip of the stick in view of their strongest eye.

Humans have been arguing about left and right for centuries. In medieval times lefties were thought to be in league with the devil and considered less intelligent than right-handers.

Then modern research discovered the wiring of our brains controls which hand we favour – and that left handers may be more artistic, are better tennis players and grow up quicker than right handers.

PETA ordered to remove offensive billboard

December 6, 2014

An “indecent” billboard which featured a surprised looking woman splashed with white fluid, and was part of a campaign to persuade locals to become vegetarians, is being taken down today after complaints.
The hoarding, which reflected claims in a recent Swedish study that suggested drinking milk could be harmful, made obvious reference to what local newspaper the Nottingham Post called a “sex act”, in exhorting people to not “swallow” “some bodily fluids”. Although the PETA slogan ‘Ditch Dairy’ was printed in the corner in smaller letters, the allusion to the pornographic ‘bukakke’ trope was too much for some locals.

What’s so bad about animosity?

December 6, 2014

I was talking to a Jehovah’s Witness the other day and found out their idea of heaven is the same utopia that liberals are trying to force us into. There is no conflict in Jehovah’s afterlife—just a bunch of twentysomethings having picnics with lions and bears, and maybe a dinosaur or two walking around. It’s Earth without any of the bad stuff.

That sounds like hell. I asked him if there was boxing in this magical place. He thought for a second and said: “Only if they have no animosity in their hearts.”

What’s so bad about animosity? That’s how you win.

Bai Ling 性衝動的感覺 性感內衣 裸體照片 – Part SIX of SIX

December 6, 2014

Bai Ling bona signora fotografia collezione