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Militarized Police treating Americans as “Wartime Enemies”

June 29, 2014

As the number of troop-heavy foreign interventions decreases, the warcraft and weaponry used in battle are now being deployed in neighborhoods as members and machines of law enforcement become increasingly indistinguishable from those of the military.

This is the situation as revealed in a new report published by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) entitled “War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing.”

“A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2 year-old son” is perhaps the best example of a headline announcing the horrific impact this conversion can have when left unchecked.

Hillary Clinton’s face on billboard for cheating site

June 29, 2014

Yup, that’s apparently a sketch of the former secretary of state — in full hush-hush mode — on a new billboard in Chicago hawking the Ashley Madison website, which caters to married people looking to have affairs.

The billboard’s text reads, “Harder Choices…Lead to Ashley Madison.com,” reported WFLD-TV in Chicago.

Emmy Award winner Meshach Taylor dead at 67

June 29, 2014

MESHACH TAYLOR who starred in TV’s “Designing Women” and the “Mannequin” movies has died at 67.

Taylor who played the lovable assistant Anthony Bouvier, who worked at the Sugarbaker interior design firm in the sitcom “Designing Women” which aired on CBS for seven seasons from September 1986 until May 1993. It starred Dixie Carter, Delta Burke, Annie Potts, Jean Smart and Taylor, whose characters work at the design firm in Atlanta.

Taylor passed last night at his family’s home in Altadena, where he was receiving hospice care.

His family posted a cryptic sad note on his Facebook page, saying, “It is with love and gratitude that we sorrowfully announce that our darling, amazingly brilliant and dynamic Meshach, the incredible father, husband, son and friend, has begun his grand transition.”

Taylor also memorably played the flamboyant window dresser Hollywood Montrose in the 1987 box office hit “Mannequin” with Kim Cattrall and its 1991 sequel “Mannequin 2: On the Move”.

Taylor also hosted his own series on HGTV, “The Urban Gardener”; co-hosted a show on “Retirement Living TV” with Florence Henderson; and was a regular celebrity panelist on the classic game show “To Tell the Truth”.

His last TV appearance was on an ep of “Criminal Minds”.


Rambo to fight Mexican drug cartels

June 29, 2014

Sylvester Stallone is reportedly writing a fifth Rambo film that will see him play the action hero once more.
According to executives at company Splendid Film, the latest sequel will be Stallone’s take on the Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men.

“With Rambo V, Sylvester Stallone returns to his signature role. This time he goes up against the Mexican cartel,” a statement said.

“Stallone, who is also responsible for the screenplay, describes the new Rambo as his version of No Country For Old Men.”

Sonic adds new item to it’s menu

June 29, 2014

A trip to Sonic intended as a treat ended with a surprise twist for a Frederick woman.
Carla McFarland said she went to Sonic on Guilford Drive on Wednesday with her 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son after a trip to the library and a morning spent packing boxes. After passing chicken strips and fries to her children, McFarland, 35, reached into the bag for her own food and found a small plastic bag containing what appeared to be marijuana in a third container holding her own fries.
“I just kind of sat there in my car in shock,” McFarland said Thursday. “I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?”

Brooke Burke-Charvet muy atractivo provocativo fotos – Part ONE of SEVEN

June 29, 2014

She was recently axed from her hosting gig on Dancing With The Stars.

So a beach holiday with the family was no doubt exactly what Brooke Burke-Charvet needed.

The 42-year-old television host and fitness guru took her four children and husband David Charvet to the Bahamas, where she gallivanted about the white sands in a bikini.