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Hilary Rhoda contenu érotique du rêve la fotos – Part NINE of THIRTEEN

June 16, 2014

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Robot guard Bob roams offices looking for security threats

June 16, 2014

It may look more like the robot from ‘Lost in Space’ than the terrifying droids in ‘Terminator’, but this machine could be the future of fighting crime.

Bob, the first robotic security guard in the UK, is the latest recruit employed by G4S to help secure its headquarters in Gloucestershire.

When the metal minder spots something out of place, he stores the information on his internal hard-drive and quickly reports it to his human counterparts.

Melanie Griffith suspects Antonio Banderas cheated on her over a dozen times

June 16, 2014

Disgusted by images of her husband embracing another woman, sources say Melanie Griffith has hired a private detective to determine the extent of his flirting and alleged infidelity – and her friends believe the probe will uncover more than a dozen “other” women!

The long-suffering “Working girl” star filed for divorce on June 6, just days after The ENQUIRER ran shocking photos of 53-year-old Antonio Banderas embracing a sexy dinner date on the French Riviera

while Melanie, 56, was thousands of miles away in Los Angeles.

The sexy pix were snapped while Antonio was promoting “The Expendables 3” at the Cannes Film Festival – were too much for the actress, say sources, and she decided to “throw in the towel” on her stormy 18-year marriage.

“Melanie exploded over the photos,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “She was furious and heartsick.

“She called Antonio and shouted at him, ‘We’re through for good. i want a divorce!’” An insider says that Melanie’s friends suspect he’s “humiliated” her with at least a dozen women over the nearly two decades they’ve been together. “His behavior pushed her into hiring a private eye to determine exactly how many ‘other women’ there have been, and now she could use that information to bolster her divorce case,” added the insider.

Dictator Obama destroying America from the inside

June 16, 2014

If millions of soldiers from south of the border were flooding our nation for the purposes of colonizing our land, we would easily recognize the threat. And if some amongst us were aiding and abetting this invasion — purposely lowering border security to facilitate it — we’d know what to call them. And we’d know how they should be dealt with.

This comes to mind when considering the flood of humanity that does continually pour across our border, a phenomenon whose most recent manifestation is the children’s crusade (which includes many teens, some of whom are gang members) currently in the news. Oh, the people trespassing on our land aren’t wearing uniforms; they aren’t wielding cold steel. But this isn’t always necessary. As Muammar Gaddafi once pointed out, some invasions are prosecuted “without sword, without gun, without conquest.” “We don’t need terrorists; we don’t need homicide bombers,” he said. “The 50 plus million Muslims [in Europe] will turn it into the Muslim Continent within a few decades.” Of course, in the waning West, we call this “diversity” and “demographic change.”

And as we’re being diversified into a country definitely not Western via demographic warfare, as we euphemize from sunrise to the sunset of our demise, something is exactly the same as in my opening example: There are those amongst us aiding and abetting this invasion.

Barbra Streisand kicked James Brolin out of their Malibu mansion

June 16, 2014

The $400 million divorce of BARBRA STREISAND and JAMES BROLIN has shifted into overdrive, say sources, after she blamed him for “humiliating” her in front of some top celebrities and President Barack Obama!

Sources say Barbra was so disgusted by Brolin’s behavior at the USC Shoah Foundation Ambassador for humanity 20th anniversary dinner that she booted him out of their Malibu mansion.

The May 7 gala in L.A. was held in honor of Obama and hosted by Conan O’Brien. “Schindler’s List” star Liam Neeson attended, and Bruce Springsteen provided musical entertainment.

Ethics? Joe Biden don’t need no stinkin’ ethics

June 16, 2014

If you go there now you may get a 404 error like I just did. But if you go to the Google cache you’ll find that while Vice President Biden was visiting Ukraine, the country decided to put Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma.

America has the best Judges money can buy

June 16, 2014

America’s legal system will work harder to permit, promote, and perpetuate injustice and cover up the truth than it will to permit, promote, and perpetuate justice and reveal the truth

Teenager doing the job the lapdog Mainstream Media won’t dare do

June 16, 2014

The Teenager Who Tripped Up Pelosi
Andrew Demeter knew he’d only have one shot.

“It was kind of one of those moments where you’re like, ‘I’m either going to do this or I’m not,’” Demeter recalled. “I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity since I knew after I popped the question to Leader Pelosi I’d probably have a restraining order before I could ever do it again.”

The question, and Pelosi’s stammering response, wound up going viral.

Hilary Rhoda contenu érotique du rêve la fotos – Part EIGHT of THIRTEEN

June 16, 2014

Hilary Rhoda erotic lingerie and swimwear photos