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CNN blasted for Liberal bias by it’s own shareholders

June 15, 2014

Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes was blasted for CNN’s left-wing bias at Time Warner’s annual shareholders meeting Friday. The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond reports that Bewkes was confronted by shareholder Justin Danhof of the Free Enterprise Project of the National Center for Public Policy Research, with a litany of complaints about CNN’s sharp turn to the left under Jeff Zucker

Legendary radio DJ and TV personality Casey Kasem dead at 82

June 15, 2014

The popular radio DJ and TV personality was a mainstay on “American Top 40” and similar shows for decades, as well as the voice of well-known cartoon characters, such as Shaggy from ‘Scooby-Doo.’ Kasem, who suffered from Lewy body disease — a progressive form of dementia — had been at the center of a bitter battle between three of his adult children and his second wife, Jean, over his care.

“This is way beyond a banana republic now. This is Stalinism” – Rush Limbaugh

June 15, 2014

Limbaugh didn’t mince words: “This is way beyond a banana republic now. This is Stalinism.”

Corn-mageddon: Climate Change fear mongering

June 15, 2014

According to a new article at the Guardian, corn-mageddon could be just around the corner in the United States because of anthropogenic climate change:

“The days of ‘king corn’ could be numbered as climate change brings higher temperatures and water shortages to America’s farmland, a new report warned on Wednesday…

The report amplifies warnings earlier this year from United Nations climate scientists and the National Climate Assessment that America’s agricultural industry — and specifically its corn crop — was at risk from the high temperatures and water shortages anticipated under climate change…

Corn uses the most water for irrigation of any crop, and accounts for half of all fertiliser use. Some of that corn is raised in areas experiencing water shortages because of over-use and recurring droughts, such as California’s Central Valley or the high plains states of Kansas and Nebraska…

Recent studies have found corn at high risk from the higher temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and water shortages caused by climate change. Corn plants are especially sensitive to heatwaves and drought. A report in Science last month found that growers were having more trouble than initially expected in adapting to hotter and drier conditions.

The scientists said growers in the mid-west could lose as much as 15% of their yield within the next 50 years.”

There is a lot of alarmism here that needs to be countered.

Droughts in the U.S. corn belt are becoming far less common and severe at a rapid rate

Obama knowingly allowing border jumping gangsters from Mexico and Central America into the USA

June 15, 2014

President Barack Obama’s administration is knowingly allowing illegal immigrant gangsters from Mexico and Central America into the United States, and some are even being reunited with their family members.
The gang members reportedly belong to some of the most dangerous gangs in Central America and Mexico, like MS-13, but Border Patrol agents are handcuffed, especially if the illegal immigrants are deemed to be “minors.”
According to National Review, Border Patrol agents who “recognize the gang-affiliated tattoos of minors crossing the border must treat them the same as anybody else.” An Arizona Border Control agent said that it was upsetting that a lot of the gang members are “16 or 17 years old and a lot of them are not going to face deportation.”
Chris Cabrera, the vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 in the Rio Grande Valley told National Review that Border Patrol agents have reunited dangerous gang members with their families in the United States. He asked, “If he’s a confirmed gang member in his own country, why are we letting him in here?”

Dictator Obama says denying Climate Change is like arguing the moon is made of cheese

June 15, 2014

President Barack Obama said denying climate change is like arguing the moon is made of cheese, as he issued a call to action on global warming to Saturday’s graduates of the University of California, Irvine.

Obama issued the call to the tens of thousands gathered at Angel Stadium even though he said Congress ‘is full of folks who stubbornly and automatically reject the scientific evidence’ and say climate change is a hoax or fad.

Obama said others duck the question.

Hilary Rhoda contenu érotique du rêve la fotos – Part SEVEN of THIRTEEN

June 15, 2014

Hilary Rhoda altissimo bona signora fotografia collezione