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Orwell’s 1984 Thought Police 21st century style

June 8, 2014

The Justice Department is resurrecting a program designed to thwart domestic threats to the United States, and Attorney General Eric Holder says those threats include individuals the government deems anti-government or racially prejudiced.

The Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee was created in the wake of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing but was scrapped soon after the 2001 terrorist attacks as intelligence and law enforcement officials shifted their focus to threats from outside the country. The committee will be comprised of figures from the FBI, the National Security Division of the Justice Department and the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee.

In his statement announcing the return of the committee, Holder said he remains concerned about the specter of attacks prompted by Islamic extremists, but he said this committee will be tasked with identifying other threats.

“We must also concern ourselves with the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti-government animus to racial prejudice,” Holder said.

Melanie Griffith divorcing Antonio Banderas

June 8, 2014

MELANIE GRIFFITH has filed for divorce from ANTONIO BANDERAS.

Legal docs cite the ever popular “irreconcilable differences” as the “cause celebre” for axing their 18 years nups

According to the legal docs, Melanie is seeking or child support and sole physical and joint legal custody, although their only child Stella turns 18 in September.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Melanie was said to be distressed after Antonio was caught canoodling a mysteret brunette in Cannes.

Progressive hero Noam Chomsky is terrified of the surveillance state

June 8, 2014

Progressive hero Noam Chomsky is terrified of the surveillance state that has developed during the tenure of President Barack Obama, calling it a grave threat to our fundamental civil liberties.

In a column published Monday, Chomsky writes that the documents revealed to the public by Edward Snowden show a system that is flagrantly violating the principles of the Constitution.

“It is of no slight import that the project is being executed in one of the freest countries in the world, and in radical violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, which protects citizens from ‘unreasonable searches and seizures,’ and guarantees the privacy of their persons, houses, papers and effects,” Chomsky said.

“Much as government lawyers may try, there is no way to reconcile these principles with the assault on the population revealed in the Snowden documents.”

The scope and depth of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program is what particularly troubles the retired MIT professor and leads him to conclude that our current president is set on undermining the foundations of our society.

“The documents unveil a remarkable project to expose to state scrutiny vital information about every person who falls within the grasp of the colossus — in principle, every person linked to the modern electronic society,” Chomsky wrote. “As the colossus fulfills its visions, in principle every keystroke might be sent to President Obama’s huge and expanding databases in Utah.”

Impeach King Obama to save America

June 8, 2014

Aaron Klein will be discussing his new book, “Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office” on the Fox News Channel Tuesday morning.

Klein will also appear on Michael Savage’s show to discuss the book at about 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time Monday night.

He will be featured in a segment about impeachment on the popular “Fox and Friends” morning show Tuesday at 6:45 a.m. Eastern.

“Impeachable Offenses,” written by Klein and co-author Brenda J. Elliott, is fueling the national conversation to impeach Obama.

The book lays out the blueprint for impeaching Obama, alleging high crimes, misdemeanors, bribery and other offenses committed against the U.S. Constitution and the limitations on the executive office.

Obama hides behind his skin color to avoid impeachment

June 8, 2014

In a lengthy indictment of President Barack Obama, two best-selling authors argue in a forthcoming book that the current occupant of the White House has committed numerous ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ that could justify his impeachment and removal from office.

‘Consider this book to be … a blueprint for drafting articles of impeachment,’ author Aaron Klein told MailOnline, which exclusively reviewed a copy of his ‘Impeachable Offenses,’ a book co-authored with Brenda Elliott and due out August 27.

‘It is up to the public and ultimately up to to their elected representatives,’ he said, ‘to decide what to do next.’

Obama’s actions, the authors write, include sanctioning an alleged ‘arms-to-jihadist-rebels scheme’ in Benghazi, Libya that ‘aided an Islamist revolution and armed our most dangerous al-Qaeda enemies,’

Those terror groups include al-Qaeda militants fighting alongside Syrian rebels trying to topple dictator Bashar al-Assad.

The now-infamous ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ gun-walking program, as described in the book, was a stealth effort to generate new rationales for limiting U.S. citizens’ purchases of rifles and other long guns. And massive government purchases of handgun ammunition, the authors argue, was an attempt to limit the exercise of Second Amendment rights by ‘dry[ing] up the ammo supply.’

Candice Swanepoel altissimo bona signora fotografia collezione – Part ELEVEN of ELEVEN

June 8, 2014

Candice Swanepoel erótico chica foto galeria