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5 of the Taliban’s top commanders freed by Obama in exchange for 1 traitorous deserter

June 2, 2014

And there is damning evidence against PFC Bergdahl from those in his unit. He made no secret of his disillusionment with America, sending emails to his parents, one of which contained this statement, “The system is wrong. I am ashamed to be an american. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools… I am sorry for everything here”

Notice that non-capitalization of “American”. A fellow trooper, Jason Fry, has reported that Bergdahl told him, “If this deployment is lame, I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.”

So yes, we can court-martial this dishonorable deserter whose selfish views and actions caused all those unnecessary deaths and take his life or lock him away for the rest of it for the simple reason that the son of a bitch walked out on his band of brothers in an active combat zone in an act of betrayal that caused the deaths of his brothers in arms who willingly went in search of him, to save his sorry, weasel ass. Those events have immeasurable consequences on those both above and below his rank that he deserted. There is no greater crime that a combat infantryman can commit than desertion to the enemy on the battlefield. Were he to be judged by his fellow paratroopers, he’d be dead in the blink of an eye for the deaths that he caused. He willingly manipulated and violated the code of, “No man left behind,” for his own selfish sense of fulfillment that proved deadly to troopers in the 501st Infantry, and who knows how many more in special operations, who sent in patrols for years trying to find this weak-ass traitor.

Jennifer Lopez fed up with Casper Smart’s dumb moves

June 2, 2014

Elin Nordegren reveals her fury over Tiger Woods’ horndoggery

June 2, 2014

IT took FIVE long years, but Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren has finally spoken out about the hell she went through after learning about his serial cheating ways.

Of course, the scandal is old news to ENQUIRER readers since we were first to reveal all the startling details of Tiger’s wild af­fair with New York party girl Rachel Uchitel.

Breaking her silence, Elin, 34, recently told a re­porter: “The word betrayed is not strong enough.” And she admitted she felt foolish for trust­ing the 38-year-old golf superstar, who at first denied any involvement with Uchitel.

But when Elin discovered the hottie’s num­ber on Tiger’s cell phone, all hell broke loose.

Over the past several years, The ENQUIRER followed up with story after story that ripped the lid off the athlete’s sin-sational life, nam­ing the names of the many women who stepped forward to claim they’d had sex with him and publish­ing the first photos of a repentant Tiger in rehab for his sexual addiction.

Elin filed for divorce and took Tiger for a whopping $110 million when the six-year marriage officially ended in August 2010.

King Obama decrees carbon dioxide gas is evil – electricity rates to skyrocket

June 2, 2014

The Obama administration is poised to announce even more stifling regulations on America’s power plants, a move sure to send our electric bills soaring again.

King Obama’s busy week

June 2, 2014

In the midst of America grappling with the reality that veterans are safer on the battlefield than on a VA hospital waiting list, on Memorial Day, Barack Obama, lover of all things military, flew to Kabul to surprise our U.S. servicemen and women.

Candice Swanepoel altissimo bona signora fotografia collezione – Part FIVE of ELEVEN

June 2, 2014

Candice Swanepoel sexuellt tilldragande fotosBlonde duo Claire Danes and Candice Swanepoel were angelic in white dresses for the Narciso Rodriguez Bottletop collection launch in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighbourhood Thursday.

The 25-year-old supermodel shot the campaign – on display at Sikkema Jenkins art gallery – at a Brazilian beach house in Bahia.

‘The shoot was wonderful,’ Candice told British Vogue.