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50 Hollywood Juicy Confessions

January 15, 2014

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Appalachia: Big White Ghetto

January 15, 2014

One issue Williamson doesn’t touch upon which is mentioned in the comments to his article is how corrupt the local governments in this region can be. One huge factor that allows this to continue is that for decades the brighter young people have been prone to move away. Those with educations who stay behind too often display small pond syndrome — they can be opportunistic bullies and tyrants who grab the reins of the local power structure and remain largely unchallenged. In such a corrupt environment a third rate lawyer can readily parlay his ambitions into a lucrative role as the shadow leader of local government, or an incompetent principal can rely on political clout to remain in charge of a public school that routinely shortchanges its students.

Back in 1968 some in the area saw Bobby Kennedy’s trip as a precursor for yet another round of unfulfilled political promises. The term “photo op” wasn’t in use back then, but looking at these images across five decades of experience it readily comes to mind.
Today, the only promises being made to the once-loyal Democrat voters of the region are to further curtail the remaining source of high paying, private sector jobs, the coal industry.

Jon Stewart exposes stupidity of the chemical spill into West Virginia’s water supply

January 15, 2014

Jon Stewart on WV Chemical Spill

Rush Limbaugh: Obama doesn’t have the “constitutional power to run this country like a dictator”

January 15, 2014

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday reacted to President Barack Obama’s threat to use more executive orders to “move the ball forward.”

“This is just absurd,” Limbaugh said after playing audio of Obama’s comments. “He’s basically bragging about the fact that he can do executive orders to make things ‘fair.’”

Limbaugh mocked the president, saying that his “entire economic policy has undermined the old saw about work hard and you can make it.”

“Because not only can you not work hard, you can’t work. We’re up to 92 million Americans not in the labor force,” he added. “But this is classic Limbaugh Theorem stuff. This is Obama as an outsider saying he’s looking at Washington and the country, and he sees all of this inequality and all of this unfairness, and he’s just at his wits’ end now.”

Limbaugh also said that though Obama has a “pen” and a “phone,” he doesn’t have the “constitutional power to run this country like a dictator.”

“Yet that’s exactly what it sounds like,” he concluded.

Police find Cocaine in Justin Bieber’s party mansion

January 15, 2014

Los Angeles law enforcement officials found cocaine at Justin Bieber’s mansion on Tuesday morning when they executed a felony warrant to search the property.

The warrant was served at 8am local time and was related to allegations that the singer had been responsible for throwing eggs at a neighbor’s home in an exclusive gated community in Calabasas, California, last Thursday – causing more than $20,000 worth of damage.

The singer’s good friend, rapper Lil Za, was ‘arrested for cocaine possession’ after officers found the drug during the raid on the 19-year-old singer’s home.

Top 10 sexiest Actresses – CHARLIZE THERON – Part TEN of TEN

January 15, 2014

1. Charlize Theron

And no list of sexy women would be complete without the dazzling Charlize Theron. A truly timeless beauty, Theron continues to wow us time after time in such films as The Italian Job and her more recent film Snow White and the Huntsman. It does not appear that she will be going anywhere soon.