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Tom Sizemore video shows star allegedly using Heroin and Crystal Meth



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Fake Member Causes      

 Actor Tom Sizemore 

To Fail Drug Test
November 27th, 2008

By Michelle Snow     

Though known onscreen for his bevy of gruff military and police officer roles, actor Tom Sizemorehas let his smaller head get him into one legal predicament after another. 

First with Heidi Fleiss and now with his parole officer.     

Due to a problem with illegal drugs, Sizemore has been on strict probation for the past several years. 

During this time, he has managed to appear in the “Dreamcatcher” and several independent productions. 
But with the probation comes restrictions to stay within the country while working.

Sizemore recently asked for permission to travel to Cambodia to shoot a new film, swearing he had kicked his drug problem. 
Last month, Judge Antonio Baretto had agreed, provided that Sizemore passed a drug test every day prior to his departure.      

The actor is required to undergo random drug tests anyways, as a condition of probation for his past convictions on separate charges of methamphetamine possession and beating his ex-girlfriend,

former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. 



It was revealed in court proceedings last Thursday that on the first day of the scheduled drug tests, Sizemore attempted to fool the doctors by using a fake penis sewed to the inside of his pants. 

Said prosthetic was connected to a bag of clean urine that was kept warm by a heater pack, also sewn into the pants.      

The testers became suspicious when the urine tested was too cool to have come from a human body and ordered Sizemore to remove his pants. 

Under inspection, the penis ruse was discovered.     

Sizemore was then ordered to take the test again, two more times, in the next two days. 

Each subsequent time, Sizemore was inspected prior to the tests for further trickery.      

Both tests showed positive for methamphetamines, even though Sizemore claimed to be clean. 

Prosecutors also said Sizemore had tried the fake penis before (with similar failed results), 
and had failed five other random drug tests in recent months.     

As a result of the three failed tests, Sizemore was ordered to remain behind bars until a hearing on Feb. 24, unless he posts $25,000 bond.




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