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Charles Manson’s loony girlfriend want to birth his offspring



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____GREEN link below


Did you read about
76-year-old inmate
getting caught with
a cell phone in
his jail cell?

Who was he calling?
What would he say?
“Could I speak to
Jack please?”
“This is Jack.
Whom may I ask
is calling?”
Charles Manson.
Cult Leader?
“Who is this really?”
“It’s Charlie
Manson dude.
I got a new cell phone.
I’m calling you
from my cell.”
Breaking up…”
“I’m standing
on the bunk-
can you hear me
“Hear you.
What can I do
for you Charlie?”
“Can you send me
a metal file in a cake,
some Mary Jane in
some LSD on the
back of postage stamps
and some silverware?
Knives and a
coffee spoon.”
“Sure Sure.
Who is this really?”
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“Cell” Phone:







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