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More crazy than Liberals



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2 Responses to “More crazy than Liberals”

  1. you fucking idiots sit here and talk shit while it all falls apart around you. you offer nothing in the way of a solution. you think mccain would have been better? how about that jerk off mormon rooney? fucking idiots. what the fuck is wrong with excluding organized religion? i wouldn’t want to have to sit off some where while part of my class was mumbling bull shit at an imaginary being. have you fucking retards even read the bible? have you bothered to critically analyze ALL THE FUCKING RETARDED BULLSHIT AND CONTRADICTIONS???? your religion is a JOKE and if you’re so stupid you can’t see that for yourself I just don’t know what to say. if you actually take your religious texts, the same ones that have caused innumerable deaths and untold suffering over the ages, if you insist to take their fairy tales literally instead of just seeing them as lessons about life than you’ll just keep playing into the hands of your puppet masters. so go ahead and blame the liberals, blame obama. blame every fucking person you can but JUST DONT BLAME YOURSELVES. this reminds me of something Jesus supposedly said. something like, “he who is without sin cast the first stone.” something like that…. ass holes. after yesterday, every time i read shit like this i’ll picture you guys as the dude in pittsburgh who shot up those poor cops. all living with your mom, single and crazy as all fucking hell.

    • This is a one man website
      so all your comments are for me.

      Unlike the Fascist Left Wing websites,
      I welcome your opinions anytime
      and I do welcome you to comment anytime.

      22MOON is a free speech zone.

      Someday perhaps you may realize
      King Obama is a dictator in the making,
      perhaps not.

      Thank You for your comments Laverne
      and again feel free to comment anytime.

      The Left Wing in America act like
      Orwell’s Thought Police and if they
      can’t respond to differing opinion
      they resort to childish name calling
      to avoid using logic.

      Thank You for the comments and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!


      (I can’t stand idiot John McCain either)

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