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Law and Order SVU Thought Police


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I am sick and tired
of Hollywood
and the TV show
“Law and Order SVU”
(which is an NBC show –
the network along
with CBS and ABC who
refuse to cover the New
Black Panther voter
intimidation case)
with their over the top
left wing agenda being
rammed down
my throat.
I usually love the show,
I love the cast,
it is the writing and
direction of the show
by it’s producer/writer
Dick Wolf that
is the problem.
On tonight’s episode,
a white man was
against border jumpers,
I mean undocumented
So naturally he
was kidnapping and
killing latino,
Muslim and black
toddlers because a
Right Wing TV host
was telling viewers
to send border –
I mean undocumented
workers home in
a pine box.
The names Glenn Beck,
Rush Limbaugh and Bill
O’Reilly were mentioned
In court,
the evil white killer
lunatic claimed he was
brainwashed by a Right
Wing America loving
TV talk show host.
At the end of the episode,
the evil white man child
killer was declared
by a white jury,
in spite of overwhelming
proof he was guilty.
Of course ultra liberal
producer and writer of
Law and Order SVU
DICK WOLF was behind
this piece of trash.
I am so outraged I
don’t even know what
to say without swear
________July 15th, 2010
-_Rash Manly


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