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Mexican Super Meth – Part ONE of TWO

Ice Replaces
Home Cooked
_.in the U.S.
By Howard Burkes
____May 8th, 2010
Part ONE of TWO
The nation’s war on drugs has
at least one successful battle:
State and federal laws limiting
access to cold medicines
containing ephedrine and
pseudoephedrine have
dramatically curtailed small
“mom and pop” meth labs.

Thousands of these toxic and
explosive labs flourish in
the nation’s interior,
especially in rural areas
in the South,
Midwest and West.
From 1998 to 2003,
more than 38,000 small
meth labs were discovered
in rural areas —
more than those found in
cities and suburbs combined.
More than 10,000 labs
were seized in 2003 alone,
the peak year for small labs.
They were typically
set up in bathrooms,
motel rooms,
cars and abandoned buildings.

But in 2004,
states began restricting
purchases of ephedrine and
key ingredients in
some meth recipes.
Congress responded a year
later with a federal law.
The impact on meth labs
was swift and dramatic,
especially in the Midwest,
where meth makers
were especially prolific.

Meth lab seizures are down
55 percent in Missouri,
73 percent in Iowa and
Kansas and 88 percent
in Nebraska,
according to the Office of
National Drug Control Policy.
Labs persist in places where
meth cooks “smurf” for ephedrine
and pseudoephedrine —
a process that involves “surfing”
from store to store, buying the
typical limit of two packages
of medicine,
and building up a small supply.

Police in Aurora, Mo.,
a town of 8,000 on the
edge of the Ozarks,
used to find a meth
lab a month.

“Meth is the No. 1 problem we
have with drugs and narcotics,”
said Rick Batson,
Aurora’s police chief.
“It’s the drug of choice
in this part of the country.
Over the last eight
or nine years,
it’s been a severe problem.”

Now Aurora police find meth
labs an average of once year.

“So, we don’t have
that meth problem,”
Batson says,
“but what we have now
is something called ‘ice.’”
The Growth of
Mexican ‘Ice’ Meth
“Ice” is a crystallized
form of meth also
known as crystal.
It is produced in relatively
larger quantities in so-called
Most are based in Mexico;
they ship drugs to the United
States by UPS,
FEDEX and Greyhound bus,
as well as in cars and trucks
with secret compartments.
For more than a year,
a two-story Victorian home
in Aurora,
one of the nicest in
the neighborhood,
was at the receiving end
of one trafficking route.

“This individual had the
direct contact in Mexico,”
Batson noted.
“He brought the crystal meth
from Mexico to this location
and dispersed it from here.”

The Mexican dealer in
Aurora distributed 100 pounds
throughout southwest Missouri.
That’s as much as 180,000 doses,
with a street value of as
much as $4.5 million.

Southwest Missouri and
northwest Arkansas are home
to poultry farms and processing
plants that hire Mexican workers.

“The Hispanic population
in town here is a hardworking
bunch of people,”
Batson said.
“there are those in the group
who go in the other direction.
They have access to
meth in Mexico,
so they take advantage of that.”


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