You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Arianna Huffington using tricks to ride DrudgeReport.com’s coattails



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As everyone knows,
Arianna Huffington
has the exact same voice
as Eva Gabor on the old
Green Acres television show.
Or was Arianna Huffington
actually over dubbing the voice
for Eva due to Hollywood
contract disputes and the
higher pay scale awarded to
actors who spoke on camera,
as well as Eva’s chronic
throat irritation from
smoking Camel cigarettes.

In this un-retouched photo,
we see Arianna Huffington
holding a microphone.
Now think of Mrs. Lisa Douglas
(Eva Gabor) speaking to her
husband Oliver.
(played by  Eddie Albert)
“Oliver dahling,
could you tell Zeb to go to
the general store and pick
up a few items for me?”
Now think of Arianna
Huffington saying the
same phrase.
Of course,
the voices are identical.
Or was it actually Arianna
over dubbing Eva‘s vocals to
hide from viewers the rough
sound of Eva Gabor’s voice?
Photos do not lie,
and Arianna is clearly shown
in this photo holding
a microphone.
___Mystery solved.


______Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor by martinstreisand.

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