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Obama’s DOJ never contacted the New Black Panthers about the million dollar bounty on Zimmerman



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Why is Eric Holder
of the Obama Justice Department
refusing to enforce the law against
the New Black Panthers who
stood in front of a polling place
and intimidated voters?
Former Department of Justice
attorney J. Christian Adams
quit the Justice Department
over this clear cut case
and now he is whistle blowing
about the racist activity of
Obama’s Justice Department.
Why is the Left Wing
Mainstream Media trying
to ignore this case?
Is “White Guilt” supposed
to make everyone let this
injustice fall by the wayside
so the Obama
‘Injustice Department’
can break the law?
Is everyone who mentions
this injustice a racist?
Thank You Left Wing
Media for covering up for
Barack Obama and his
administration yet again.
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Stephen R. Morse,

Channel King Shabass

and Jerry Jackson were

accused of voter intimidation

by the Justice Department –

but then Eric Holder and the

‘Injustice Department’ let

them off the hook because

they are black.





2 Responses to “Obama’s DOJ never contacted the New Black Panthers about the million dollar bounty on Zimmerman”

  1. where would the new black panties come up with a million dollars??

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