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‘The Excorcist” movie based on real events


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a few good men

to cast out devils,

TIM GAYNOR reports


November 12th, 2010.


Exorcists wanted:

apply to Catholic

Church | Reuters

Overwhelmed with

requests for exorcists,

U.S. Roman Catholic bishops

are holding a special training

workshop in Baltimore this weekend

to teach clerics the esoteric rite,

the Catholic News Service reported.

The church has signed up 56

bishops and 66 priests for the

two-day workshop that began

on Friday,

seeking to boost the small group

of just five or six American exorcists

that the church currently has

on its books.

“There’s this small group of

priests who say they get requests

from all over the continental U.S.,”

Bishop Thomas Paprocki

of Springfield, Illinois,

was quoted as saying.



each diocese

should have its own”


he added.

Paprocki did not say

why there was increased

demand for exorcisms,

which he noted were

rarely performed.

While solemnly regarded

by the Catholic Church,

exorcism is a staple of

Hollywood fright films —

most notably the 1973 film

“The Exorcist” —

and regarded by many as

superstition that lends a chill

frisson to festivals like



Catholic Church law stipulates

that only properly trained priests

can perform the rite —

and then only with the permission

of their bishops.

Possible signs of demonic

possession include scratching,


biting of the skin;

profound displays of strength;

and a strong or violent

reaction to holy water.


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