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March 29, 2013


Lindsay Lohan ready for rehab

March 29, 2013

LiLO ducks for cover when she doesn’t want to get snapped as she boozed it up in Brazil.

Lohan is heading to rehab for 90 days but she’s living it up before then partying in nightclub in San Paulo, where she actually hid under the DJ table.

Lindsay, 26, is sitting on the dirty club floor under the DJ booth with her legs crossed in a short dress and holding her messy hair away from her face.

The Twitter poster wrote in Portuguese that Lindsay didn’t want her picture taken so that’s why she was hiding under the table and followed up with: “Nobodyknew she wasdown there. Therewas harassment! She hid because they werenoton topof it.”

Despite her massive financial troubles, Lindsay is wearing an expensive tell-tale pair of Christian Louboutin heels as she dug for cover, RadarOnline noted.

King Obama’s royal family: Highbrow aristocrats whose extravagances are enjoyed without embarrassment

March 29, 2013

If it’s really true that “children learn what they live,” then the First Daughters are learning how to be highbrow aristocrats whose extravagances are enjoyed without embarrassment, in full view and at the expense of the suffering. That’s right, “the suffering,” because notwithstanding the onslaught of Obamaganda, most people in America today, thanks to Sasha and Malia’s Dad, are suffering in one way or another.
Meanwhile, when it comes to showering themselves with the perks of the good life, the Obamas exercise zero restraint. In fact, three months into the second term, they’re actually outdoing themselves. Not only that, but the elitist lifestyle the first family lives has a vindictive in-your-face, so-what-if-you-don’t-like-it edge to it that smacks of spiteful arrogance. Therefore, Sasha and Malia are learning what their liberal parents teach them, and that is to convey the following message to the unwashed masses: “Do as I say and I’ll do what I want, and I’ll do it with your money.

Only racists question King Obama’s spending habits

March 29, 2013

“Sun Valley is known to be a getaway for celebrities and the First Family is no different,” reports KMVT.

“In an exclusive photo obtained by Idaho’s First News, you can see the First Daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama skiing at River Run Thursday. The Sun Valley Ski Patrol confirms the girls were enjoying the wonders of the mountain. We also received unconfirmed reports the daughters were staying at Thunder Spring in Sun Valley.”

Earlier, it was reported that the Obama daughters were at a resort in the Bahamas for Spring Break.

Both reports could be true: The Obama daughters could have spent the first half of the week in the Bahamas, before leaving the sun for the Idaho snow.

Meanwhile, the White House remains closed to the public, as the Secret Service is said to lack the funds necessary to keep the building open to all.

Obama and comrades call Constitutionalists – “extremists” And “crazy”

March 29, 2013

Taking the lead from other despotic totalitarian leaders, their lackeys and adherents, The Obama and his minions have launched an all-out battle campaign against any–the majority of us–Americans (soon to be known and “Obama-ians” if the Marxists have their way) who believe the US Constitution should be followed by those who govern. Note: I suspect that as Obama & Co rules rather than governs, The Obama believes it doesn’t apply to him.

It is now “radical” and “crazy” to follow US law and not the emerging sinister ObamaLaw. A prime example of this is the Obama’s and his DOJ’s refusal to support US laws protecting US citizens and our country’s Southern border from foreign invaders and then suing the States (think Arizona) and Sheriffs (think Sheriff Joe Arpaio) who do so. Note: The ObamaLeft is again using lapdog Alan Colmes who appeared on Megyn Kelly’s FNC show 17 September and called Conservative candidate for Nevada Senator Sharron Angle “crazy,” “extreme,” and “paranoid.” Poor simple Alan hasn’t had a successful gig since Hannity & Colmes folded

British big baby George King

March 29, 2013

. .__2 GREEN links below . ___King-size British baby,  -___George King, born at  ___staggering 15 pounds,  -__7 ounces  – NY Daily News . . __Mother‘s shock as baby is  ___born weighing 15lb 7oz  ______| Mail Online . . _______GREEN link below . A very large baby is born in Texas  pravda.ru . , . , . Super-sized baby born […]

Tom Cruise steaming over Katie Holmes steamy photos

March 29, 2013

AN irate Tom Cruise is upset with his ex Katie Holmes over her steamy poses in a series of eye-popping photos, sources say.

The doe-eyed beauty let it all hang out in a sizzling new ad campaign for H. Stern in which she’s made to look naked and barely covering her breasts with her hands.

Besides that, 34-year-old Katie got wet and wild on the cover of the April issue of “Allure” magazine, appearing to be topless and dripping wet with a sultry, come-hither look on her face.

“I think Tom is fit to be tied over Katie’s red-hot new image,” an in­sider told The ENQUIRER. “It is sure to burn him up because he probably thinks Katie is deliberately trying to rub his nose in her sassy single-girl persona.

“Bachelor” Sean Lowe’s future wife furious over ‘Dancing’ hottie

March 29, 2013

PRETTY Seattle native CATHERINE GIUDICI battled hotties galore to nab a mar­riage proposal – from “Bachelor” Sean Lowe, but she can’t let down her guard just yet!

Insiders say she’s steaming that her handsome honey has been paired with blonde bombshell Peta Murgatroyd on the new season of “Dancing with the Stars”!

Although The “Bachelor” fi­nale just aired on March 11, Sean actually proposed to Catherine in November, when the ABC show was taped at the Pa Sak Tong Villa in Northern Thai­land.

“Catherine thought all her romantic problems would be solved once she received the final rose from Sean,” said a source. “But then the network threw her a curve when she was told that Sean was going to dance with Peta.

“She’s furious! The last thing she wants is Peta cozy­ing up to her man.”