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Sacha Baron Cohen to portray bisexual Freddie Mercury in movie


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Queen star Brian May did
not realise his bandmate
Freddie Mercury was gay 
for years – 
because the flamboyant 
star had a string of 
WENN reports Dec.
21st. 2008
The pair were close during 
the early days of the band, 
but the legendary guitarist 
insists he had no inclination 
of Mercury’s homosexuality.
He tells the Daily Express, 
“No, I didn’t know. 
I don’t think even he was fully 
cognisant in the beginning.
“You’re talking to someone who 
shared rooms with Fred on the 
first couple of tours, 
so I knew him pretty well. 
I knew a lot of his girlfriends and 
he certainly didn’t have boyfriends, 
that’s for sure. 
I think there was a slight suspicion, 
but it never occured to me that 
he was gay.”
And even when the frontman, 
who died in 1991, 
had come to terms with his 
sexual orientation, 
he became well versed at avoiding
the issue when asked directly.
May adds, 
“I remember Freddie being asked 
if he was gay in one of his early 
interviews and he said: 
‘Yes, darling, of course. 
I’m as gay as a daffodil’. 
It was a neat way of sidestepping 
the issue because actually, 
Freddie was no fool.
“I know that all through his life 
Fred didn’t think that whether he 
was gay or not was important. 
He loved music, he loved his work, 
and he didn’t want anything to 
get in the way. 
Anyone who portrays Fred as 
purely a gay story is missing 
a lot of the point.”
If I may be so bold to disagree,
Freddie Mercury was not gay,
he was a bisexual.
Gay men do not include women
in their orgies nor have sex with
strings of women.
                                Rash Manly


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