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Did Amanda Knox help murder Meredith Kercher?


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Sept 7, 2011

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4 Responses to “Did Amanda Knox help murder Meredith Kercher?”

  1. Amanda Knox couldn’t possibly be guilty.

    She’s a white female.

    Haven’t you hear?
    White females are never guilty of anything

    • Well said Albert,
      white pretty females
      do get away with murder
      and other crimes sometimes,
      it is really sad.

      Thank You for saying that and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!


  2. Amanda Knox got away with murder
    that’s sad I don’t care if she is white
    you must pay for your crime Amanda
    you was heartless cause a pretty Meredith
    was better then you Amanda your family
    ]are no good they up held you for a crime
    you did how can you live with yourself but,
    I day you will answer to GOD and the
    truth is the truth you know that you killed
    Meredith you are going to pay for that

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