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Is Courtney Cox cracking up?



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The 11-year-couple of

Courteney Cox and David

Arquette has been separated

for several months,


October 12th, 2010.

The pair said they have agreed

to a “trial separation” but remain

married while they work through

the reasons for their split.

A couple of months ago,

“Friends” star Cox, 46,

addressed the years of rumors

about their relationship during

an interview with InStyle.

“We’ve done couples

therapy in the past.

We’re not lazy about

our marriage.

We have the same arguments

we’ve had for years.”


The couple met on the set of

1995′s horror blockbuster “Scream”


and will also be seen together in

the coming fourth installment,

“Scream 4.”

They have a

6-year-old daughter,


In a joint statement released

by their representatives,

the pair asked that

“our friends, family,

fans and the media…

show us respect, dignity,

understanding and love

at this time.”





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