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Vote West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin out of office






Charleston, West Virginia 016


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2 Responses to “Vote West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin out of office”

  1. Its time to vote Joe Manchin out of office!

    His voting is horrible and is NOT looking out
    for the people of West Virginia!

    His vote to let the 11.2 million illegal immigrants
    to get a free pass is the worst thing he has done
    besides voting agains us gun owners!

    I urge you to vote him out along with the
    other 3 that voted to give these illegal people
    that are breaking Federal law to stay in our country.

    Let him invite them to climb over the fence
    at the White House and live with
    the rest of the village idiots!


    • I could not agree with you more Dean!

      As a lifelong West Virginian I voted for
      Manchin in the past but I will never do so again.

      You stated the case far better than I ever could
      and I can not Thank You enough for saying it.

      Thank You for the wise comment and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!


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