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Vote West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin out of office

March 7, 2013

Governor Joe Manchin voted for Obama’s Health Care Bill
Senator Joe Manchin supports King Obama’s gun control dictates

Chris Brown gets his panties in a wad as usual

March 7, 2013

CHRIS Brown allegedly left his loyal minder Big Pat stranded in Bermuda following a fight between the pair on a plane.
The bust-up took place on the star’s private jet during a pit stop on the sunny island.

Bad boy rapper Chris apparently refused to allow his bodyguard back on board following the fight.

And Big Pat – who took a bottle to the head during a fight between Chris and rival Drake last year – was forced to take a Jet Blue plane to New York to get home.

An airport worker told the Bermuda Sun, which reported the incident, that Chris’s flight was about to depart before the controversy broke out.

He said: “Big Pat was standing outside talking to the pilot before Chris Brown and another guy came off.

TSA allowing knives on planes is the definition of a future manufactured crisis

March 7, 2013

Obama needs a crisis so he can ram through more draconian laws against citizens

The Stigma of Obesity

March 7, 2013

Ours is a world full of agreements. Some are given by law, others are socially and culturally enforced. Here in the U.S., we keep our voices down in restaurants and avoid eye contact on the subway. We shake hands, we say thank you. We throw our food wrappers and cups in garbage cans (or at least, most of us do).

There are also agreements we’ve yet to make whose time has been long coming. For instance, putting a stop to the dropping of cigarette butts on the street and the rude and lewd catcalling of women and girls, as well as requiring equal pay for equal work.

If you’re unclear of how pervasive and engrained our agreements are, try kissing a stranger on the sidewalk, or screaming in a restaurant. Try dumping your entire garbage can onto your street corner or out of your window, or staring for a full minute at someone on the train.

In certain cultures and countries, each of these is entirely acceptable. But not here in the states.

It’s funny when we’re called on breaking even the simplest and most inconsequential of agreements. Just yesterday morning, I ran out of my Manhattan apartment in flip flops to a café a block away for a coffee, only to have a homeless woman scream at me about the inappropriateness of my footwear in the winter.

Being social animals, the need for agreement is part of our nature. We all long for acceptance and to fit in; once for actual survival and now primarily for a sense of the same, we struggle to do what’s right in order to remain safe, included, and accepted.

Unfortunately, this holds true even when the accepted things to do are altogether unacceptable. Which in my mind includes the ongoing bashing of Chris Christie’s weight.

To be clear, I’m not referring to comedians. It’s their job to poke fun at everyone and everything. By cultural consent, we’ve granted them this permission, just as we grant ourselves the freedom to enjoy and laugh at whatever they have say.

But TV anchors and guests on respected news shows? Journalists in top publications? Other politicians?

Cultural agreements are interesting, as are how they come into being. For one, they’re neither necessarily nor universally morally inspired; not everyone “agreed” to stop persecuting African Americans, bashing gay people, or beating their wives and children. Some people, sadly, still continue to do so.

Publicly, however, our agreements become standards that must be adhered to, lest we face the shame-inspiring and often legally-binding consequences of collective disapproval.

Iron Man 3 trailers

March 7, 2013

‘Iron Man 3’ movie trailers

A Dictatorship is born

March 7, 2013

With each passing day of President Obama’s second term he continues to consolidate power and undermine any notion of conventional democratic governing norms.

King Obama dictator of drone death

March 7, 2013

Eric Holder argued that using lethal military force against an American in his home country would be legal and justified in an “extraordinary circumstance” comparable to the September 11 terrorist attacks.
“The president could conceivably have no choice but to authorise the military to use such force if necessary to protect the homeland,” Mr Holder said.
His statement was described as “more than frightening” by Senator Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, who had demanded to know the Obama administration’s position on the subject.
“It is an affront the constitutional due process rights of all Americans,” said Mr Paul, a 50-year-old favourite of the anti-government Tea Party movement, who is expected to run for president in 2016.
Mr Holder wrote to Mr Paul after the senator threatened to block the appointment of John Brennan as the director of the CIA unless he received answers to a series of questions on its activities.

Economic 9/11 before 2014

March 7, 2013

Just when you thought unemployment was dropping and stock markets were surging back, these three analysts today sent out a stark warning to Americans to brace for another financial crash.

Trend forecaster Gerald Celente advises buying a gun to protect your family, stocking up on gold if the dollar crashes and planning a getaway, so it’s no shock he’s preparing for an ‘economic 9/11’.

Share prices and unemployment are posting their best figures in four years since the recession hit, but Mr Celente, along with authors Harry Dent and Robert Prechter, says the rebound won’t last.

Lady GaGa キリル文字 fish

March 7, 2013

Lady Gaga has decided to spend her time recuperating from hip surgery with some fishy friends.

The 26-year-old has reportedly purchased and installed a large fish tank in her home and has filled it with 27 koi carp.

Gaga suffered a tear on her right hip earlier this year and has purchased the fish to keep her entertained as recovers from surgery.