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Neil Patrick Harris and long time partner David Burtka call off their wedding

February 27, 2013

The wedding is OFF!

Sitcom star Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime partner David Burtka got engaged after the Marriage Equality Act was passed in New York in 2011, but sources tell The ENQUIRER that the gay couple abruptly called off their nuptials following a vicious lovers’ spat.

“They’re barely speaking, and as of now there’s no wedding in the immediate future,” revealed an insider.

The ENQUIRER has all the details of the nasty blow-up, which began when the “How I Met Your Mother” actor exploded over something David said.

When did our elected Politicians become our Masters?

February 27, 2013

Political elites have always existed in America, and during the past 100 years they have gravitated toward the Democratic Party. FDR’s “brain trust,” which included Guy Tugwell and Hugh Johnson, was just one example. But perhaps no administration in our history has been controlled by elites to the extent that the Obama presidency has. With academics like Cass Sunstein and crony capitalists like those backing green energy projects calling the shots, the elite have stepped in, determined to rule in place of the public will.

Doctor Michael Savage guest on The Alex Jones Show

February 27, 2013

Radio talk show host and author Michael Savage was the guest on the Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show. Savage and Alex analyze China’s economic takeover of America, the federal attack on the Second Amendment and the ongoing effort to destroy the Constitution, and the ever-encroaching surveillance and police state as the global elite tighten their grip on humanity and the Supreme Court throws out a challenge to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Mr. Savage’s latest book is A Time for War.

Rachel McAdams and husband divorcing

February 27, 2013

. .____GREEN link below . .__Rachel McAdams,  .._Michael Sheen Split .-_– UsMagazine.com

Did Charles Lindbergh kill his own baby due to his belief in Eugenics?

February 27, 2013

SHOCKING new revelations suggest American legend CHARLES LINDBERGH was involved in the abduction – and subsequent death – of his 20-month-old son Charles Jr.!

Plucked from his parents’ remote home in Hopewell, N.J., in March 1932, the baby’s demise led to one of the most dramatic trials in U.S. history – and many believe the chilling crime is STILL unsolved despite the conviction of Bruno Hauptmann.

Now, in a just-released addition to his 2004 book, “The Case That Never Dies”, acclaimed historian and author Lloyd C. Gardner pins the blame on Lindbergh himself!

Kim Kardashian unedited version of her sex tape almost destroyed in a fire

February 27, 2013

THE red-hot unedited version of Kim Kardashian’s world-famous sex tape narrowly escaped being destroyed in a blaze.
A fire erupted at Vivid Entertainment HQ in Los Angeles, threatening a number of celebrity raunchy movies kept there including one featuring Pamela Anderson.

But boss Steve Hirsch raced to his office just in time to save the X-rated contents of his office safe.

Steve was at a LA Clippers basketball game when he received a call to the emergency call and made it in the nick of time.

So Kim’s worldwide army of fans still have hope of seeing the full installment.

Milla Jovovich and husband Paul W.S. Anderson a happy couple

February 27, 2013

. .____GREEN link below . .___Milla Jovovich and  _husband Paul Anderson  _share a passionate kiss  –as they enjoy a romantic  .___stroll | Mail Online . .

Michelle Obama automatic weapons (machine guns) lie on GMA exposed

February 27, 2013

. .____GREEN link below . __UPDATED: Intentional?  -__ABC Edits First Lady’s  -_Claim About ‘Automatic  ________Weapons’  __| Video | TheBlaze.com _Automatic weapons are Machine Guns

Mariah Carey nip slip wardrobe malfunction at So So Def anniversary gig

February 27, 2013

MARIAH Carey shows off more than just her curves as her nipple slips out of her skimpy strapless dress.
The voluptuous singer strutted her stuff on stage at an all-star concert in the revealing white frock as she helped celebrate 20 years of hip-hop record label So So Def in Atlanta over the weekend.

Mariah was joined at the event by the likes of Usher, Jay-Z and label founder Jermaine Dupri as they performed to a packed out Fox Theatre in the city on Saturday night