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‘Lost and Found’ items at Tokyo Love Hotels often stay lost



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Fetishists at
love hotels
leave behind
____January 28th, 2010
The Tokyo Reporter
“I was really surprised.
When I went in to clean up,
the room was a bloody mess,”
relates the meeku-san —
as chambermaids at love
hotels are referred
to in the trade.
The reason for the speaker’s ‘
astonishment is evident in
her ensuing remarks.
“I could tell it wasn’t just some
woman having her period,”
she says.
“The bed sheets were covered
with bloodstains that had soaked
through all the way to
the mattress cover.
There were bloody tracks
in the bath too.”
The writer is the
pseudonymous Shoko Harano,
a 36-year-old divorced mother
of two,
who spent three years at
the reception of a love hotel
before spilling her memoirs
in Nikkan Gendai (Jan. 28).
It seems that the room’s
occupants, a man in his 50s
and a woman who appeared
to be in her mid-30s,
had arrived by taxi and requested
Harano to summon a taxi upon
their departure as well.
According to Harano,
the woman paid for the
room upon leaving,
and did not appear
to be injured.
The maid supposes the blood
might have been from wrist cuts
during an S&M session.
writes Harano,
there’s a lot of flaky stuff
going on in hotel rooms.
Possibly worse than blood
are scatological fetishists,
who stink up the room
something awful.
“Since last summer,
we’d had three incidents where
the rooms were left smeared
with feces.
It was all over the place,
on the bed,
on the walls,
in the bath.”
To get eliminate the odure,
the rooms had to be completely
And the poor maid who happened
upon the scene fled the hotel
without even collecting her pay,
so aghast was she at the sight
of the turd fest.
Once while cleaning up,
a maid at Harano’s hotel
overheard the swish of a whip
and its impact on flesh,
followed by male moans of pain.
This particular maid
was an old hand,
and once had even seen a
customer leading a naked woman,
crawling on all fours,
down the hotel corridor on a leash.
(“Looking at her from the rear,
you could see everything!”
she remarked.)
With admirable sang-froid,
the maid then politely requested
the couple return to their room
for any further frolicking,
and they obliged.
But not before the man
challenged her,
“Hey, we weren’t hurting anybody,
so what’s the problem?”
“Jiken boppatsu?
SM pureitte komattchau
no yo nee,”
Nikkan Gendai
(Jan. 28, page 19)




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