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Jeremy Renner is not Gay – he is Bisexual


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Jeremy Renner
has been going for the
burn in the gym as
he prepares for his
Mission: Impossible
debut –
so he can keep up
with his “fearless”
and fit co-star
Tom Cruise,
Yahoo News reports
November 25th, 2010.
The actor has been training hard
to get in shape to play a member of
Cruise’s secret agent team for
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

But he still struggles to keep
up with stunt-loving Cruise,
who at 48 is nearly
10 years his senior.
Renner tells MTV.com,
“Tom has been doing loads.
He’s crazy,
that guy.”
“It’s unbelievable.
He’s fearless.
He’s great to watch.
He inspires me to
want to be better.”

“I’m training in the gym
and working out and fighting
and doing everything I can to
try and keep up.”
“I’m doing hand-to-hand combat,
Muay Thai and kung fu and
learning how to take someone
out quickly. I need to look like
I know what I’m doing!”



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