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Hillary Clinton: Liar Liar Pantsuit On Fire

January 23, 2013

During Senate testimony this today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implied that lack of funding for the State Department was a contributor to the deadliness of the Benghazi terrorist attack in Sept. 2012.
Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) provided her an opportunity to do this by asking her whether it was resonable to expect anything but trouble if Congress did not fund the State Department’s security needs.
Clinton ran with Durbin’s premise and pointed out “deficiencies” and “inadequacies” within the department. She said she has spent the last four years “doing what [she] could” to encourage State Dept. officials “to do as much as they could with what they had.”
She said the State Department knew it was never going to reach “parity with the Defense Department,” and the implication was obvious–Benghazi was at least partially due to a lack of funding.

Levi Johnson serial HornDog

January 23, 2013

BRISTOL PALIN’s baby daddy LEVI JOHNSTON was left bruised and battered after his new bride got juiced on too many martinis and beat him mercilessly at a recent family gathering, say sources.

The 22-year-old hunk’s wife, Sunny Oglesby, was so out of control she even came after him with a knife, the sources add.

“Sunny went completely insane,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER. “She had two martinis and then she just snapped, ranting and raving about Levi not thinking she was pretty enough.

“She started biting, kicking and slapping him. Then she grabbed a knife and tried to stab him!

Michelle’s jealous blowup

January 23, 2013

. .__2 GREEN links below . ______Obama does salsa,  ._Michelle is jealous –  _____YouTube . . __Michelle Obama ‘prepared  __divorce papers to separate  ___from Barack, leaving him  .____suicidal‘ | Mail Online .

Obama’s sycophant scribes

January 23, 2013

The Top 50 Liberal Media Bias Examples – by Warner Todd Huston – WesternJournalism.com

Voluptueux French femmes compete to be crowned Queen

January 23, 2013

While rail thin models stalk the catwalks of Paris for global fashion brands such as Dior and Versace elsewhere in France a very different kind of runway show has been taking place.

The Miss Ronde pageant is also dedicated to women and beauty, but the 26 models taking part in this style spectacle are a very different breed of female.

These voluptous French women are all competing to be crowned queen of La Ronde (literally trabslated as ‘the round’) – the country’s only plus-size beauty contest.

George Takei is Gone With The Wind Fabulous – Oh My!

January 23, 2013

George Takei performs a spirited rendition of Kenya Moore’s ‘Gone with the Wind Fabulous’

Teleprompter brain Obama did not write his own best seller

January 23, 2013

Last Thursday evening at Montclair State University, with a video camera rolling, Bill Ayers volunteered that yes indeed he had written the acclaimed Barack Obama memoir, Dreams from My Father.

Punks armed with snowballs pick the wrong victims

January 23, 2013

This group of excitable youngsters need to learn to pick their battles after they started a snowball fight with a group of firefighters and ended up completely soaked.

Footage has emerged online showing a gang during Britain’s latest cold snap causing trouble in what is believed to be Leeds.

The video shows a firefighter standing on a boat about to use a giant hose when a cheeky teenager on a bridge above throws a snowball that hits him on the head.

Limbaugh rants at wimp Republicans “Jumping Ship”

January 23, 2013

Radio host Rush Limbaugh returned from his long weekend Tuesday to give his take on President Obama’s second inauguration. More than the president himself, though, Limbaugh focused on the “fawning” left — particularly the media — and how they seem to revere Obama as a “cult figure.”

But more troubling that that, he says, is the number of Republicans who are losing their resolve in forming any tangible alternative to the president.

Carla Bruni and husband plan to flee France to dodge %75 tax rate

January 23, 2013

Suddenly a handshake from David Cameron probably seems an awful lot more inviting.

Former president Nicolas Sarkozy could become the next wealthy Frenchman to flee to Britain over his country’s looming tax hikes on the rich.

Mr Sarkozy – who famously snubbed the Prime Minister’s attempt to shake his hand after Mr Cameron vetoed changes to the EU treaty in 2011 – is reportedly planning to move to London to set up a £800million investment fund.

The 57-year-old, who was ousted from office last June, has amassed a fortune from £150,000-an-hour public speaking engagements and is now said to be trying to raise capital from investors.

If the move goes ahead, the controversial Frenchman will become the latest to escape a potential top tax rate of 75 per cent in his home country.

He and his former supermodel third wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy would be likely to settle in an affluent district like South Kensington – so becoming the most high profile Gallic celebrity couple in the city.