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Janeane Garofalo says ’24’ show trashes Liberals



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Janeane Garofalo speaks 

about the Tea Party attendees


to Keith Olbermann on


MSNBC’s Countdown

show in mid April, 2009.


Janeane –


“You know, 



there’s nothing more 
interesting than seeing a 
bunch of racists become 
confused and angry at a 
speech they’re not quite 
certain what he’s saying. 
It sounds right and then 
it doesn’t make sense. 
let’s be very honest 
about what this is about.”
Garofalo Tea Partiers Are All Racists Who Hate Black President
“It’s not about 
bashing Democrats,
it’s not about taxes, 
they have no idea what the 
Boston tea party was about,
they don’t know 
their history at all. 
This is about hating a black 
man in the White House. 
This is racism straight up. 
That is nothing but a bunch 
of teabagging rednecks. 
And there is no 
way around that. 
And you know, 
you can tell these type of 
right wingers anything and 
they’ll believe it, 
except the truth. 
You tell them the 
truth and they become – 
it’s like showing Frankenstein’s 
monster fire.”
“They become confused, 
and angry and highly volatile. 
That guy,
causing them feelings they
don’t know, 
because their limbic brain,
we’ve discussed this before,
the limbic brain inside a 
right-winger or Republican 
or conservative or your average 
white power activist, 
the limbic brain is much larger 
in their head space than in 
a reasonable person, 
and it’s pushing against 
the frontal lobe. 
So their synapses 
are misfiring. 
Is Bernie Goldberg listening?”



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