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Heidi and Spencer nominated for eviction from Celebrity Big Brother

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Police in Costa Rica
said reality TV stars
Spencer Pratt and Heidi
Montag were briefly
detained at an airport for
illegal arms possession,
reports September 13th,
Airport police chief Otto
Arrieta said security officers
found two handguns in the
pair’s luggage.
He said the former stars of
The Hills had not declared the
weapons and did not have
permits to have them
in Costa Rica.
They did not have ammunition.
Mr Arrieta said Pratt and
Montag were detained for
questioning on Saturday,
but released and allowed to
leave the country the same day.
The celebrities had been in
Costa Rica since August 14th.



Heidi Montag accidently

popped out of her bikini
top in Costa Rica recently,
in front of a crowd of
Does she have the
worst bad luck or not!


._Heidi Montag

-_in five years



-_Heidi Montag
._in seven years


._Heidi Montag
__in ten years

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