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Obama throws the LGBT community under his bus


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A FORMER porn baron has handed 

donations worth THOUSANDS to 

Barack Obama in a controversial bid

 to boost his US presidential campaign.


The News of the World can reveal 

Obama  and his Democrat team accepted 

the cash from 60-year-old Terry Bean — 

despite knowing he was once trustee 

of a hard-core gay video empire.



A source said: 

“In recent years Bean has tried to 

distance himself from porn but his 

past will never go away.


“He was at the helm of a company 

who have made millions out of 

sleazy videos.


“And Bean has pledged thousands 

of this dirty money to Obama and 

other Democratic causes. 

He recently sold the company but 

that’s where much of what’s in his 

bank account came from. 

And Obama has willingly accepted it.”



Until just four years ago Bean, 

who is also a real estate broker 

from Oregon, 

was trustee of US firm Conwest 

who owned Falcon Studios.


They have produced more than 

400 explicit gay sex videos with 

titles like Sleaze and Greased.



Bean pledged £1,400 to Obama 

personally in 2007 and a fundraising 

group he heads has so far raised 

£26,740 for his presidential campaign. 


Our source added: 

“Bean has helped Obama’s 

campaign enormously.



“He regularly hosts dinners where 

he charges big money to raise 

money for the party.


“He loves the fact it enables him to 

schmooze alongside politicians like Obama.


“The only reason he sold the porn company 

was so he could spend more time sucking 

up to these people without them getting 

wary of what he did for a living.”


Obama’s spokesman confirmed 

Bean’s donations but stressed he 

had also given money to the Republicans.


However, the Republican payouts 

were small, 

amounting to less than £1,000.

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