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‘Buckwild’ show premiere beats ‘Jersey Shore’ premiere ratings

west virginia wild and wonderful sign welcome state border (Large)


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Charleston, West Virginia 016800px-Autumn-grist-mill-west-virginia-waterfalls1_-_West_Virginia_-_ForestWander

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2 Responses to “‘Buckwild’ show premiere beats ‘Jersey Shore’ premiere ratings”

  1. I am from PA and my wife was
    from Brooke County…Panhandle..
    This show is tame compared to the stuff
    we did on that state line…
    Love your stuff!

    • Thanks for the comments Scott.

      People that live in this state know
      that Kanawha County is hardly the
      backwoods wild county the show wants to

      The people that live in the actual more
      rural counties of WV would eat these
      wimps alive if they acted like fools
      in their part of West Virginia.

      These idiots would never last in the
      wilder parts of WV unless they tamed
      their crazy down ten notches.

      West Virginian’s are nice to a fault
      but they do not tolerate idiots –
      BUCKWILD’s antics may fly in Kanawha County
      but these clowns do not represent the
      typical Mountaineers or Hillbillies
      who have actual brains in their heads
      or they would never have lasted in
      these mountains.

      I did some crazy stuff in my youth also-
      but I quit drinking before I got killed.

      Thank You for the kind words Scott and
      Thank You for reading 22MOON!


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