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Make your makeup last longer



THE credit crunch means we
have less cash for hair and make-up.
But looking a million dollars
needn’t cost hundreds of pounds,
Sue Moxley reports for the
U.K. Sun June 9th.

Here are Sue’s 15 steps to stay chic,

with five buys everyone can afford below.



Nail varnish dried out?

Add a tiny drop of remover,

shake and it’s as good as new.


Use all-in-one products like a lip,

cheek and eye stick.


Heat dried-out mascara with a hairdryer for a

few seconds to make it last longer.


Scoop out the last of your lipsticks and heat

for a few seconds in a microwave.

Mix and press into a small container

and you’ll have a new shade.


Buy eye palettes with more than one colour shadow.

It’s much more cost effective to buy four than one.


A big powder brush can double with blusher

but make sure you clean it well between applications.

An old, clean toothbrush can be used for eyebrows

and an old mascara wand washed thoroughly

can be used for separating lashes.


For an intensive treatment for very dry hair,

apply a tablespoon of cooking oil, comb through,

wrap in a towel and leave for 20 minutes.

Then wash and condition as normal.


Visit department store beauty counters

for freebies and samples.

Most will make you up for nothing too.



Buy in bulk.

Stores are desperate for business and there

are lots of three-for-two or buy-one-get-one-free

offers available for beauty bargain hunters.


Turn ordinary mascara into the lash-lengthening

variety by dusting your lashes with loose

translucent powder first.


Put your lip and eyeliners in the fridge

for ease of sharpening –

and they are less likely to break.


Dampen cotton wool with water

so it doesn’t soak up lots of toner

or varnish remover.


Eye shadow can double as eyeliner

by applying it with a damp cotton bud.


Sharpen blunt eyebrow tweezers

by rubbing sandpaper along the edges.


Turn foundation into tinted moisturiser

by adding a small amount of your

foundation to your daily moisturiser.

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